The Blauvelts: An American Journey


The Blauvelts: An American Journey is now available on video and DVD. Order price includes shipping and handling. If ordering 4 or more, use coupon code “journey” for a $5 per item discount!

In March of 1638, a small Swedish ship, the Kalmar Nyckel, dropped anchor at “The Rocks” (Wilmington, Delaware). On board was a 15-year-old Dutch boy named Gerrit Hendrickson. Although, without absolute certainty, we believe this Gerrit is the first Blauvelt in America. He is the Founding Father of the Blauvelt family.

This video was filmed exclusively for Blauvelt families and their descendants. It makes a treasured family gift to be passed on through the generations. Order now and see your proud heritage come to life with entertaining realism!

Every year since 1926, the Blauvelt family, by ancestry or through marriage gathers to reunite, celebrate and to exchange new information and ideas. This is a family extremely proud of its ancestry, of the people, places and events that have created its long and intriguing American journey begun in 1638 with a young man far from home.

In honor of this fine Heritage, we have captured on film an exciting profile of the Blauvelt journey. From the arrival of the tall ship, Kalmar Nyckel at Delaware to New Amsterdam, where Gerrit receives a land grant on Manhattan Island, you’ll enjoy visiting important historic landmarks, such as the original Blauvelt homes, Tappan Church, DeWint House, Greenbush Church, Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, ABD reunions, Holland trips, famous Blauvelts, Revolutionary and Civil War scenes and much more!

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