75th Anniversary Video


Presented by the Orangetown Museum for the ABD 75th Annual Meeting and Reunion: De Blau Boer, Gerrit Hendrickson: The History of the Blauvelt Family

Captured on video is this 75th Anniversary Exhibit of Blauvelt memorabilia created from material sent by Blauvelts and our ABD historical collection. Ralph Blauvelt, ABD Genealogist, Mary Cardenas, Museum Director, and Julie Trumpler, Museum Curator, narrate this historical video which includes a 1741 Dutch Bible, a Spanish-American War uniform and rifle, which belonged to our founder, Louis L. Blauvelt, old deeds, and documents pertaining to the Tappan Patent, antique photos, coverlets and more famous Blauvelst.

A must addition to your Blauvelt Family History Collection. Place your orders now! Price includes shipping and handling. If ordering 4 or more use coupon code “anniversary” for a $2.50 per item discount.

If ordering by mail, click here for order form (PDF).


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