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The Association of Blauvelt Descendants (ABD) is a family association that was founded in 1926 to bring together the descendants of Gerrit Hendricksen (Blauvelt). The Association is dedicated to promoting an interest in the history and genealogy of the early Dutch settlers in New Netherland, with particular emphasis on Gerrit Hendricksen van Deventer. The ABD holds Annual Meetings, sponsors a variety of family activities, and publishes historical and genealogical information including its award-winning newsletter, The Blauvelt News.

The ABD published the first edition of The Blauvelt Family Genealogy in 1957 and two volumes of a Revised Edition in 1987 and 1994. This web site is a key component in the planned publication of a new nine volume edition of The Blauvelt Family Genealogy.

On 7 May 1646 Gerrit Hendricksen from Deventer, the immigrant ancestor of the Blauvelt family, married Marie Lamberts Moll in the Reformed Church of New Amsterdam. This is the first record of the Blauvelt ancestor in the North American Dutch colony of New Netherland. Evidence suggests that Gerrit first arrived in New Amsterdam with his relative, Captain Willem Albertsen Blauvelt, on the ship La Garce in 1641.

On 6 December 1646, seven months after he married, “Gerrit Hendricksen from Deventer” received a grant for a farm known as the Schout’s Bouwery located along the Bouwery Road and directly south of Pieter Stuyvesant’s farms. In 1663 Gerrit purchased additional property on Broadway just south of Maiden Lane. In the deeds for the Broadway property, he was identified as “Gerrit Hendricksen de Blaew Boer” (the blue farmer). On 22 October 1679, the widower Gerrit Hendricksen married Josyntje Janse.

In the 1680s all the surviving children of Gerrit, except for Elizabeth (child of the second marriage), settled on the Tappan Patent. The Patent straddled the border of present-day Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ.


Additional History


The Kalmar Nyckel

The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation of Delaware designed and built a replica of the Kalmar Nyckel at a shipyard adjacent to the original landing site. The new Kalmar Nyckel was launched on September 28, 1997.

Officers of the Association

Brian M. Blauvelt

Pamela Ward

Marilyn N. Bisgrove

The Blauvelt News is published in February, June and October at a cost of $20 per year (included in Membership). Contact our Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer or subscribe online. To submit family news contact Editor Susan Heilmann.

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