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On May 11, 2013 Kellissa Terrell, kterrell7 at, wrote:
I am so honored and proud to be a descendant of the Blauvelt family. Though, it is with a sad heart that the Blauvelt I have descended from just recently passed away on April 21, 2013. My grandfather, Everett Ashley Blauvelt Sr. had left this earth the day after his anniversary with my dear grandmother. He had lived 97 years on this earth and though I have a brief understanding of his past, I want to know more about what he has done. So if anyone has any information on Everett Ashley Blauvelt, it would be very much appreciated. I know of the great man he is, and I know he was a great man of the past.

On February 15, 2013 wrote:
It is with sad heart that I heard of the Passing of our mutual kin Eleanor Clark in Lewisburg Pa. just days before her birthday Her passionate unabashed love of life and humor will be sorely missed-We will miss her in our DAR chapter as well. please let me know of any arrangements.. My deepest condolences to all.

On February 3, 2013 Catherine Richards, wrote:
Hello Blauvelts, i have just discovered that I am descended from the British spy Theunis Blauvelt. His grandson James Franklin Blauvelt married into my mother’s family, the Laws of Windsor,Nova Scotia. Though I am not a direct descendant, I wanted to say that I am very interested in your association and very impressed with the great research you have done.

On December 8, 2012 Anthony Tremper, anthony_tremper at wrote:
I have been researching my ancestry for the past 3 years now and I have found that I am related to the Blauvelts through marriage and although its not the strongest of links to the name, it is something.
I think it is awesome what you guys are doing with the site in preserving the history of your name for generations to come. Take care.

On December 9, 2010 Elizabeth (Betsy) vanSand, wrote:
My great-grandfather was George Isaac Nicoll Zabriskie, born 1826 in New York City and he married Elza Moore Blauvelt, the daughter of Dr. Cornelius S. Blauvelt. She was born in 1825 in Paterson, NJ. and died in 1917.
My grandfather was Cornelius Blauvelt Zabriskie, born 1858 in Jersey City, NJ. My father was George Zabriskie, born 1890 in Tacoma, WA. I currently live in Gloucester, MA with my second husband, Delar Valdemar vanSand.
The Zabriskie family had a great genealogy done in 1960, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the first Zabriskie’s arrival in America. In that are many, many Blauvelts, and I’ve always wanted to know more about them! So this is very exciting.

On October 20, 2010 John Gugumuck (Blauvelt) gman0311 at hotmail dot com wrote:
My last name is not Blauvelt. It was my mothers maiden name. My Grandfather was Clarence Blauvelt from Wappengers Falls NY. I have always been interested to see the ancestry of the name and hence myself. To the gentleman that would like to know about military service. I have a record of military service to include the OIF.

On July 15, 2010 Edward J. Blauvelt
blauvelt at wrote:
Hello Family! I am Edward J. Blauvelt. I am a retired US Air Force Senior Master Sergeant. I have been researching for a book on all the Blauvelts who have served in US Armed Forces. I have a page on Facebook called Military Blauvelt. If you are or have a family member who has served in the military please let me know at my email address or on the Facebook page. I want to leave a history of every Blauvelt who served for our great country. Did you know that Blauvelts have served from the Revolutionary War (my 5th great-great grand father was one) all the way up to the Gulf War 2 (My nephew and brother did)? The Blauvelts have given a lot and they all need to be remembered. Thanks. Take care and God Bless. Ed

On July 13, 2010 Donald G. Jochum djochum [at] wrote:
I am a former member of the ABD. I just came across the ABD pin I received at an annual meeting/reunion for being the youngest member in attendance, prompting me to search the web to see if ABD was still alive and kicking. My Grandmother was Ethel (Blauvelt) Jochum. I haven’t been to a reunion since the late 60’s or early 70’s.

On May 23, 2010 Eugene Booth gene0218 at wrote:

On May 1, 2010 wrote:
I was always told that my grandmother was Dutch and that her people were here from the 1600’s but never believed it! After my mom passed away this past january, I saw on her death certificate that her mom’s surname was Sadie Blauvelt, married, and setttled in Brooklyn, NYC. My mother had a pair of wooden shoes and used to say that they were passed down, but that seemed too far fetched.

On April 26, 2010 scott c.blauvelt, wmdchoppers at wrote:
hello blauvelts! i’m from poughkeepsie ny. my father is emmett he had a brother named clarence. my grandmother was anita, my grandfather died when my father was a boy. she then married alan smith of pok. that’s all i got. any help would be appreciated. take care.

On February 17, 2010 Leanne Keefer Bechdel sparrow2(at) wrote:
I am a Van Houten descendant, but had the pleasure of meeting some of you at the 90th birthday party of Eleanor Clark in Lewisburg, Pa. She is a Van Houten and a Blauvelt relation! It was a lovely time and I was thrilled to make so many connections. Have some wonderful photos if anyone is interested.

On November 3, 2009 Kelly Blauvelt Alday kelly at wrote:
Hi everyone! I’m looking for any information about relatives of James Arthur Blauvelt ( born Aug 1929) married to Shirley Bloom. Please contact me if you have any info! Siblings, parents, cousins…. any info is good info!

On October 29, 2009 Susan Hansen sjhansen7[at] wrote:
I am searching for ancestors of George Jerome Blauvelt b:1867 in NY. Married to Florence Rebecca McCrillis. I believe his father is John Blauvelt and mother Lydia Matthews. Any help you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks. Susan Hansen

On Sept 3, 2009 Jane jjurik[at] wrote:
Looking for information on the family of Walter O. BLAUVELT, b. 1846 in NY, m Isadore ARNOLD, d 1921, Nyack, Rockland, NY.

On August 2, 2008 kathi Blauvelt kaybea4730 [at] wrote:
ALL you Blauvelt’s out there. i am going to go to the “mother land” of my relatives! because Blauvelts rule. we have, Borgee, and Vanderpants,and Blauvelts(of course) in my family. If anyone has any info for me on going there, finding relatives, etc. i would LOVE to know. MID life crisis and divorced after 29 years, BUT I AM A BLAUVELT!!!! always was and always will be. any help for me love and peace, kathi ‘bluefields’ blauvelt

On August 2, 2008 kathi Blauvelt kaybea4730 [at] wrote:
my son is an excellent artist, at least i finally know where his unbelivable talent is from. i will have him look this up (he is in his master’s for art right now) SO how cool if we could find this. i will work on this pronto! xoox Kathi Blauvelt

On June 29, 2008 Suzi Finsley-Gibbons gibb38 [at] wrote:
“The Genealogical society of Utah is offering free genealogical data online as part of a pilot project for digital documents on Texas death certificates are one of the most popular collections in this resource. Certificates from 1903 to 1976 (and some as early as 1890) are featured. Previously, the index to Texas deaths was limited to the name of the decedent. The online version provides access to the names of the father, mother, and spouse. All of the entries have been redone rather than relying on previously available indexes that may be riddled with misspelled and misread names. Besides death records for Texas, those for Georgia (1914-1927); Michigan (1867-1897); Ohio (1908-1953); Philadelphia (1803-1915); Utah (1904-1956); and West Virginia (1853-1970) are included. Users may print copies of digitized originals from the Web site. There’s also an array of other types of records from Mexico, Great Britain, Germany and United States. Images of original death certificates are shown, but other entries are extracts from original records. You can reach the information via…” —article by LLOYD BOCKSTRUCK,

On August 11, 2007 Amanda Merritt, merritta2001 [at] wrote:
Hello! I am looking for anyone with information about Al Blauvelt, the artist. I’m trying to find a copy of one of his etchings, The Music Room, for my son. If anyone can tell me about this artist and where I could find his etchings I would appreciate it. All you Blauvelts should be very proud of him!
Best regards,
Amanda Merritt

On March 31, 2009 Eddie Charles Blauvelt, nightrunner032003 at wrote:
I am so proud to have the last name Blauvelt when I went on to find out more I realized who I was and where I come from, so again I am very honored to be a Blauvelt.

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