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On December 31, 2003 Mary {Blauvelt} Robicheau m_m_m_nannysangels[at] wrote:
Happy New Year to all Blauvelt’s everywhere!!!

On December 23, 2003 H. B. Gill hgill[at] wrote:
I am not a Blauvelt but I need some help. My mother’s sister married a Blauvelt and I am trying to find his given name. My mother’s sister was Mildred Jayne. She died in 1920 leaving at least one child. She in buried in Bay Shore, NY. I would like to know her husband’s full name. Thanks for any help.

On December 18, 2003 cynthia Blauvelt wrote:
Hi all you Blauvelts, We have a very historical name as you all know. I am close descendents of the Blauvelt’s from the time of the Baylor Massacre in River Vale New Jerey. I would like to know more of the story if anyone knows it. Apparently it was on my relatives farm and tannery , if you have any information could you please let me kknow of it. Plese e-mail me at

On November 30, 2003 John Hopkin john_hopkin68[at] wrote:
I also am not a Blauvelt, but spent the best years of my life there, from 1967 to 1970. We lived in an amazing neighborhood on Blauvelt Rd. across the street from the JHS. There were one or more kids between the ages of 14-16 in almost every house. For 33 years my brother and I have reminisced about those days and what a fantastic place it was to grow up. This past summer we finally held a reunion, and every single one of us showed up! It was a beautiful experience! It must be gratifying knowing that your family heritage includes establishing a town that inspires complete strangers to thank you!

On November 4, 2003 Karen B. Blauvelt kbblauv at wrote:

On November 1, 2003 SPC Geoffrey Blauvelt geoffp82 [ at ] wrote:
Hi everyone. well i last posted on the first of the year. since then a lot has happened. I have since come back to the states after a long year in Korea and have now been told that i am to go to iraq in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I will keep you all posted as to my non classified whereabouts and try to not lessen the Blauvelt Clan one person by staying alive. Well talk to all of you later. SPC Geoffrey Blauvelt US Army

On October 30, 2003 Mike wrote:
While I am not a Blauvelt, I grew up in Blauvelt, NY, so thanks alot for the town…a very nice place to live.

On Sept 19, 2003 Donna Jones eddonnajones[ at ] wrote:
Garret A. Blauvelt was my Great Great Grandfather. His parents were Abraham and Lena Blauvelt. Garret was a civil war veteran twice. He died and is buried in Wyoming, Illinois. His Daughter Flora Julia on her birth certificate but later used the name Florence Married William Bishop from England. He died in 1917. She later died in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 91. Just wemail if you need anything from my files or can contribute to mine. Thanks Donna

On Sept 14, 2003 Kevin L. Hendrickson wrote:
Forming a Scottish Clan in Western KY, and gathering information as to all those included. Most Blauvelts derived from Gerritt Hendrickson. See you at the next gathering!

On Sept 3, 2003 Brigette L. Barr wrote:
I am now married but my maden name was Blauvelt. My Father is Thomas C. Blauvelt. looking forward to learning more about the family tree.I was born and raised in Portville, NY.Will be visiting the sight more often thanks to my dad.

On Sept 2, 2003 Tonia Rhudy tlrhudy[at] wrote:
I am married now but i will always be a Blauvelt. I was always proud of my name even when all the school kids picked on me. My son still carries the Blauvelt name but soon we are going to change it to Rhudy. I thank my father,Thomas C.Blauvelt, for the name Blauvelt and for showing me the website. GOD BLESS THE BLAUVELT’S.

On Sept 2, 2003 Thomas C. Blauvelt wrote:
great web site. Will be spending alot of time here the future. Was wondering why I was always proud of my sir name.

On August 15, 2003 Luella Payne tinkerdo{at} wrote:
Hi! I’m Luella Anne Payne. granddaughter of Harry E. Blauvelt and Susan A. Wheeler [both deceased] from Shinglehouse. Pennsylvania. My father was Francis Wilbur Blauvelt and mother was Anita Marie Grimm. I now live in Arcadia, Florida. Would love to hear from some of my relatives.

On August 5, 2003 Suzi Gibbons gibb38 at wrote:
I am sad to report that our Blauvelt cousin, Margene Young Trudo, passed away on August 2nd in Ottawa, Ohio. Her memorial service is in Ottawa on August 10th. She was the daughter of John E. and Grace Blauvelt Young. Condolences may be expressed at

On July 26, 2003 Bob Brower president[ at ] wrote:
Glad to see visiters sharing genealogical information. Why not join us for our annual reunion, which will feature instruction on family research. (See Annual Meeting on this website). For all, now is a good time to send your reservations to Doris. Look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting/reunion in and around Blauvelt, NY. Best regards, Bob Brower, Pres. ABD

On July 23, 2003 Dean Ekberg dean[ at ] wrote:
Hello. I am the son of Oscar Ekberg and Ruth Brown, who is the daughter of Robert Brown and Ella Pierce, who was the daughter of George Pierce and Catherine Elizabeth Blauvelt, who was the daughter of Maria Van Houten and John Blauvelt, who was the son of Maria Blauvelt and Abraham Blauvelt, who was the son of Catherine Tallman and Johannes Blauvelt, who was the son of Maria Blauvelt and Petrus Blauvelt, who was the son of Peterje Harring and Jacob Blauvelt, who was the son of Grietje Minne and Abraham Gerretse (Blauvelt), who was the son of Marie Lambertse Moll and Gerrit Hendricksen de blau boer. It is nice to meet you all.

On July 10, 2003 Tara Blauvelt magdalene111[ at ] wrote:
Amazing! I can trace my line right back to Gerrit! I can’t believe that this site exists. About two years ago I ordered some stickers with the coat of arms on it. I thought it would be interesting for my father. Now, I find out that we are actually descendents of the same Blauvelts as the descendants who operate this site. My grandmother(Jane McGonigal married to David Blauvelt Sr.)left a complete geneology of our line all the way back to Gerrit. It includes info about him being a shoemaker and such. Also, it was always joked about in our family that we had a pirate in our ancestory. I was sad to find out that there is no substantial information to support this. That’s all for now. Great site! I will be in touch.

On July 9, 2003 Doris Blauvelt ABDSec[ at ] wrote:
Greetings from the 77th Annual Meeting Registrar! I’m looking forward to receiving many reservations for the next Reunion. It promises to be a very exciting weekend back in “Blauvelt Country.” I’m also anxious to hear your thoughts about “Tulip Time” in Pella. Have a wonderful summer! ~Doris

On June 13, 2003 Bessie Blauvelt stellam55[ at ] wrote:
hi ,I’m Bessie Blauvelt ,wife of the late Franklyn Lee – , Blauvelt ,Yarmo uth co. NS Canada .I have 15 children ,9 girls and 6 boys Elanor Blauvelt,Yar. N.S, Franklyn Blauvelt Yar. CO, N.S. Virginia Blauvelt (Smith) St. JOHN N.B., Gail.Blauvelt(Bain),Hebron Yar. NS, James Blauvelt, Hebron,Yar.ns ,Mary Blauvelt(Robicheau),ST.John NB. Phylena Blauvelt(Comeau) Methgean,Digby Co. John Blauvelt Yar.CO NS, Ruth Blauvelt(Freeman) South Ohio Yar.CO NS. Paul Blauvelt South ohio Yar. co NS. Peter BLAUVVELT South Ohio Yar. CO.NS David Blauvelt South Ohio , Velma and Douglas (deceased) Roberta BLAUVELT (muise) Yar. CO .NS. Sandra Blauvelt (Smith) South Ohio,Yar. co. ns. Tracy Blauvelt Hebron Yar. co. ns. Would like to hear from all the Blauvelt out there. God bless everyone

On June 10, 2003 Denise Thompson denal5033[ at ] wrote:
I am looking for a little help. I was born on 11/21/66 in Ogden, NY. My name at birth was Tia Marie Blauvelt. I was surrendered for adoption, and adopted by Mike and Donna Stepanian on 2/14/67. I am looking for anyone who might have known my birth mother. There was supposedly an older brother who was kept. I would like to put all the pieces of my life back together. Thanks!

On June 6, 2003 Jody Blauvelt jodblauvelt[ at ] wrote:
Hello, Wow, I didn’t realize that there were so many Blauvelts! I live in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. My father is Peter Blauvelt and my grandfather is the late Franklyn Blauvelt. This is a really excellent web site.

On May 19, 2003 elise Whelan jing95[ at ] wrote:
Hi…I was wondering if anyone knows of a Caroline Blauvelt of NY or NJ marrying Raymond Pierson Whelan probably in the early 1900’s. They had 3 children: Raymond Pierson Jr., Ida Lenore, and Caroline. I am the great niece of Raymond Sr. and would love to know what happened to my paternal grandfathers brother and his family.

On May 7, 2003 Janet White Clark alleycatclark[ at ] wrote:
MY great grandfather was named Fred Blauvelt. He was from Shinglehouse, Potter County, PA. He moved to Portland, Oregon early in the 1900’s and worked for the telephone company. He married Minnie and had two children, Elva Jospehine and Ralph. Does anyone know of these folks? Would love to know more about our family history.

On May 7, 2003 Heather Casto westfall[ at ] wrote:
We are trying to search our ancestry. I am only back to my great great great grandfather Jacob Blauvelt. i have his dob as 3/9/1803. My great great grandfather is James O. Blauvelt. I was wondering if we were decendents included in this site. They were from the NY area, not sure how far back, but they came from Canada at some point. Help!

On May 3, 2003 Peter Brophy newsed[ at ] wrote:
Just wanted to say hi to anyone who lives or has lived in Blauvelt, N.Y. Lived there myself in late 1950s, early 1960s, at 84 South Moison Road. Played a lot of stickball on that dead-end street, made a lot of neighborhood friends there and at St. Catherine’s School. Lost touch with them all. If any of them see this, send me an e-mail.

On April 13, 2003 Vincent van der Es blackeagles2[ at ] wrote:
IMPORTANT!! To help you finding your roots, I found this: The following persons were sent by the West Indie Compagnie (WIC) to the colony Nieuw-Nederland: December 1637: Arent van Curler, from Nijkerk, assistent, 18 years; Elbert Elbertsz., from Nijkerk, wever, 18 years; Claes Jansz., from Nijkerk, cutter, 17 years; Gerrit Hendriksz., from Nijkerk, shoemaker, 15 years.!!!!!!!!! The last 4 persons were ment to work in the Tobacco-agriculture. Information provided by the Stichting Familiearchief Van Steenbergen van der Es, The Netherlands. Source: Oud-Holland, jrg. 1890, page 74 and 296

On April 13, 2003 Vincent van der Es blackeagles2[ at ] wrote:
I send you today a mail concerning my roots into the Blaeuvelt-family through Maria Blaeuvelt daughter of Pieter Blaeuvelt from Enkhuizen in the Netherlands. Also I explained the situation about the connection Jacob van Heemskerk and the family Van Beest van Heemskerck and myself. I would like a confirmation of my mail, thanks. Vincent van der Es, Zutphen ( close to Deventer), The Netherlands.

On April 10, 2003 Danielle Danielle.Holloway[ at ] wrote:
Hello, I am SSgt Danielle Holloway and I am stationed at Kirtland AFB NM. I am currently being inspected by MSgt Edward Blauvelt! He showed me your site and I must say I am very impressed. If only every family took the time to share their lives with each other what a world we would live in. I appreciate and respect your family for starting this site and my hat’s off to all of you. Danielle

On April 3, 2003 Erin Blauvelt duchesseab[ at ] wrote:
hi, my name is erin adn i am 8th grade doing a genealogy project and i also have never realized what a big family i have and i am trying to make a family tree so if anyone thinks they can help me then i would really appreciate it!! I am now living in florida. wow! our family has really grown from when they were in the Netherlands!

On April 2, 2003 Jeanne jeannethomas[ at ] wrote:
Hi, I live in Texas. I’ve been going through lots of papers handed down to me from my ancestors from New Jersey and New York area. I was wondering if someone could help me out; my papers say I’m a descendent of Garret Hendrickson, but my papers say he changed his last name to Blauvelt. Garret was married to Marretje Lamberts and then to Josyntje Thomas. Just wondering if I’m an ancestor to the Blauvelts or Hendricksons???My old paper say Garret had a son Hendrick Hendrickson, how come his last name was Hendrickson and not Blauvelt??? Please help!!! Jeanne

On March 29, 2003 Lois Muir Keith LoisKeith[ at ] wrote:
I just read Christine Watson’s posting from March, 2003. She is my niece. Her great grandmother, my grandmother was a Blauvelt, married name Ella Housman who lived most of her life in Bronxville, N. Y I now live in Atlanta, Georgia. I visited Blauvelt, N. Y. in June of 2001 when I went home to Brooklyn for my 50th high school reunion, but couldn’t find a single Blauvelt in town. I would love to hear from my New York cousins Keith and Glenn Housman but have lost contact with them.

On March 23, 2003 Suzi Gibbons southwestern-belle[ at ] wrote:
I’m starting a DATABASE of Blauvelt cousins in the military. Please send me the name, rank, and location of your loved one. I will share it after it is compiled. God Bless America’s Blauvelts!

On March 19, 2003 Cindy Blauvelt rockinrobert[ at ] wrote:
rosa lee blauvelt’s children

On March 16, 2003 C. Blouvet picturelady01[ at ] wrote:
I am the daughter of Corry M. Blouvet 09/35-12/01. From Friendship, NY. In researching our family Dad found that our name was spelled as Blauvelt. But some how during the civil war the spelling got changed. I believe it was by Daniel Blauvelt/Blouvet. I will check my Dad’s papers and let you know.

On March 11, 2003 christine banks – watson clb11273[ at ] wrote:
i have just watched the blauvelts, an american history & i loved it. i cried because the part about “the big noses” my grandfather came to new york from holland where he met my grandmother. he had a big nose & it just hit home. my grandfather died in 1989 & i have had great difficaulty in trying to do a family tree. i now live in texas with my husband & two children.

On February 28, 2003 CHRIS BLAUVELT REBEL120972[ at ] AOL wrote:

On February 20, 2003 R LOZON TROUTLOZON[ at ] YAHOO.CA wrote:

On February 19, 2003 Gary Blauvelt g4bluegrass[ at ] wrote:
Greetings to all!! Looking to trace my roots – my grandfather was Earl Blauvelt from the Potter County Pa. (Shinglehouse\Bradford) area. Unfortunately not much more info than this.

On February 12, 2003 Suzi Gibbons southwestern-belle[ at ] wrote:
At this perilous time in our nation’s history, let’s remember to pray for “cousins” serving in America’s military. May they remain in safe hands, and return home proudly when worldwide tensions abate. S.G.

On February 9, 2003 CHRIS BLAUVELT REBEL120972[ at ] AOL.COM wrote:

On February 8, 2003 PHYLENA BLAUVELT enchanted_girl[ at ] wrote:
Hello,my name is Phylena Blauvelt{Comeau]I live in Meteghan NS My father{deceased]Franklyn Blauvelt-mother Bessie Fletcher[Blauvelt]Iam married to Alfred Comeau and we have three daughters.Would like to hear from some Blauvelts.

On February 8, 2003 lester blauvelt mule8fan[ at ] wrote:
wow,neat site. my son found it and has ask me a ton of things that i coulnt ansewer,my grandfather was lester a.blauvelt born in gary in. in 1910 any info please let us know thanks.

On January 28, 2003 janessa nesgatineau[ at ] wrote:
Hello again. My father Paul Blauveldt said my aunt Mary Blauveldt treied to write me if you get my address from here please write me i would love to hear from you!

On January 12, 2003 Cat Blauvelt cat_blauvelt[ at ] wrote:
It is with great sadness to inform the entire Blauvelt family that my father, Edward R. Blauvelt died suddenly on Jan. 5,2003. He was the oldest of our clan at the age of 70 and we will greatly miss him. My parents had just celebrated their 42th wedding anniversary on Dec 30th. It has been a shock to us all. He leaves behind his wife, Rita, four children, 11 grandchildren with a 12th due anyday, 2 great grandchildren with another on the way.

On January 5, 2003 Janessa blauveldt nesgatineau[ at ] wrote:
How are you all Blauvelts? i posted something on the second of January and its gone. If you are wondering Ellie and Paul Blauveldt are my folks and Matthew Blauveldt my brother and Hayden is my adorable little nephew. I became very interested with my family when my mother found info about our relatives in New York and there curiosity onj how we got to the maritimes.(which is where were from) well i must go. Id love to hear from any one of you. Janessa Blauveldt~p.s. I have a son Justin Blauveldt- Harvey

On January 1, 2003 Ellie Dalton-Blauvelt m_blauvelt82[ at ] wrote:
Hi I’m visiting my son & was going through the guestbook. I have been doing some research on the “Blauvelt”s in Nova Scotia. I became interested when I visited our local museum here in Yarmouth, N. S. While there I found numerous pictures of Blauvelt sea captains; this spiked my curiousity about my husband’s family. I am hoping to continue working on it. This site is very interesting & informative. I would be interested in obtaining a copy of the Blauvelt video at some time. Both my husband & myself are interested in visiting Blauvelt, N.Y. in the near future. Ellie.

On January 1, 2003 Geoffrey P. Blauvelt geoffp82[ at ] wrote:
I just stumbled across this website while surfing the net. Funny thing is my mother found it yesterday I guess. I am a PFC in the U.S. Army currently serving in the Republic of Korea. Most of my family has already been here GGF is Edward R. Blauvelt, Mother Is Catherine V. Blauvelt, Aunt is Regina, Uncles David and Edward and Cousin Samantha. OK well everyone stay safe on that side of the world. And we’ll try to keep peace as best the army can on this side of the world. Thanks PFC Geoffrey P. Blauvelt Firefinder Radar Operator

On December 31, 2002 Cat Blauvelt cat_blauvelt[ at ] wrote:
On this last day of 2002, let us pray for the men and women who are guarding our country including my son, geoffrey blauvelt, who is overseas. Let them return safely to their families. Let 2003 be peaceful!

On December 31, 2002 Matthew Blauvelt m_blauvelt82[ at ] wrote:
I live in Yarmouth Nova Scotia, son of Paul Everette Blauvelt. I’m 20 years old and made an addition to the “Great” Blauvelt family! My son of a year old yesterday, Hayden Matthew Riley Blauvelt. I would love to hear from any of you Blauvelts out there.

On December 28, 2002 Donald Pickett don[ at ] wrote:
Grandson of William Henry 5319 gg of Sylvester L 3016 In all of the Blauvelt Genealogy books the name of William Henry Blauvelt`s wife is spelled Lyacke, when it should be Tyacke. William Henry married Irene Chase on Feb 4 1904 in Saline co Nebraska. Irene chase, dau of Marsh Chase and Mary Tyacke. This has had me at a standstill for several years. This year the Tyacke published a family genealogy. Already soldout. Hope this will be of some help don[ at ]

On December 27, 2002 Tom Blauvelt tjb23[ at ] wrote:
Cool site, I didn’t know we Blauvelt’s had such a rich history!

On December 21, 2002 SG cinnamonbred[ at ] wrote:
The ultra-brief marriage, perhaps an overnight sensation, did indeed take place, in early 1947. At Kennedy’s request, a lawyer removed all verifiable records of the marriage, presumably from Palm Beach County courthouse.

On December 20, 2002 michael wrote:
What, if anything, does anyone know about John F. Kennedy marrying into the Blauvelt Family prior to his marriage to Jacquelyn Bouvier? I’ve read that he was once married to Durie Malcolm, a member of the Blauvelt family. This is supposedly mentioned in Louis L. Blauvelt’s book, “The Blauvelt Family Genealogy,” but I have not yet located a copy of it.

On December 18, 2002 Kathlene Hunter Rosebudptls[ at ] wrote:
I am not related to the Blauvelt family. I am an avid genealogist though. I have been given my greatgrandmothers old scrap book of which she has pictures and very old movie actors and actresses. The one picture of a very pretty woman also stayed in my mind. I decided to get on internet to learn things about these people. The pic I am in possession of is on magazine paper. It is a very pretty pic an in good condition of the famous opera singer Lillian Blauvelt if anyone is related to her let me know.

On December 11, 2002 peter blauveldt petermkb[ at ] wrote:
Hello i am of the new brunswick canada blauveldts and would encourage anyone who is related some how to contact me at my e-mail.i would love to here from you .i am currently residing in cape breton nova scotia canada. thank you for allowing me to see how many relatives i actualy have

On December 10, 2002 Rob Angus rsangus[ at ] wrote:
I am researching my father-in-law’s roots. I am searchng for information on Josephine Blauvelt, who married Everett Weaver, I believe, in Muncie, Indiana.

On November 30, 2002 Lucie LuluKB[ at ] wrote:
Hey homies! It is so cool.There are so many of us. I am a Marylander.Bye

On November 16, 2002 Rosemary Blauvelt-DeRiso rderiso[ at ] wrote:
Great site! I was wondering how and where my immediate family fit in. My grandfather was Sydney Blauvelt (lived in Lynn, MA; passed away 1980) and my father was Richard M. Blauvelt, born in Lynn, served in US Coast Guard during WW2; passed away 1979). Is anyone out there familiar with either of these names? I dont remember ever meeting any other relatives from my fathers side of the family. Thanks!

On November 12, 2002 Robert Zerilli RobertZerilli[ at ] wrote:
Hello, I moved to a new home built on 601 N. Greenbush Rd. Blauvelt, New York 10913 and my property was subdivided from a lady named Marion Neville (our Neighbor). I was told our property was built on a horse farm. A couple of years ago I met a decendent of your family (great great great great granddaughter and she informed me that our street (greenbush between Rt.59 & Bradley Pky) was a milk farm. Is there any other history that you know of about our special Road that is on the history books. I also heard that the field just South of our home (Buttermilk Falls County Park) was a landing strip for some small planes (back in the thirties??? I’m a history buff & I’m trying to dig up as much info on our town (Blauvelt) since I’ve moved here back in the winter of 1997.

On November 10, 2002 scott baker csbaker[ at ] wrote:
I’m new at this, so bear with me if this seems tacky. Our family, through my paternal grandmother, is connected. She was a Haring decended from someone who married into the Blauvelt family. Now here’s the interesting part, my folks possess a curved Revolutionary-era sword which family records say was a Colonel Blauvelt’s under GW. Any help on this?

On November 10, 2002 Pamela Ann Blauvelt pamebgpc[ at ] wrote:
After years of pronouncing and spelling my surname, it’s great to find such a source of information. My great-grandfather, Harry Blauvelt came alone to Michigan in the 20’s, so we do not have a large population of Blauvelt’s where we are from.

On October 20, 2002 Kelly Ann Blauvelt cornflakegrl79[ at ] wrote:
I’m just starting the family research game. This website is amazing. I know a bit about the family, but am trying to find out where I fit in. I moved to SF CA about 2 years ago from Middletown NY. I was born in Hillsadale NJ and know that quite a few Blauvelt’s are still down there. I am the middle of 3 children. My father is James Arthur Blauvelt JR, eldest of three boys, Setven and Daniel are the other 2. I know my fathers parents were names James A Sr and I think her name was Betty, I’m not sure. I don’t have a good relationship with my father, but would like to find out some more info!! I know that my great grandfathers name was Elmer Blauvelt, and he passed on a few years back. My father grew up in Nyack and currently resides in Hillsdale NJ once again. Thanks for all your help in advance!! Kelly

On October 9, 2002 Deborah Resnickoff Guzzi aleezadelta[ at ] wrote:
Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Black Belt in tae knwn Do CT resident. Daughter of Martin Resnikoff & Maxine Wentworth. One son James David Guzzi. Sisters Janet Blauvelt, Miriam Resnikoff. Brothers Kurt Resnikoff, Alexander Resnikoff and Aaron Resnikoff

On October 9, 2002 Jim Siedenburg siedy[ at ] wrote:
My great, great, grandmother was Ana Eliza Blauvelt Born Sept 6 1819 New York

On October 2, 2002 Suzi Gibbons southwestern-belle[ at ] wrote:
Am seeking information on BASIL BLAUVELT. He was a Mason in Santa Barbara, CA and he died in 1948. I’ve written the Masonic Lodge in CA., the cemetery where he’s buried, and the newspaper in LA. Uncle Basil was adopted, and I would love to find his grand-daughter, who would NOW be 69, if she is living. Her maiden name was Nancy Cooper from Albuquerque, NM.

On Sept 23, 2002 Amanda Merritt dutchessnn[ at ] wrote:
Hello, I’m not a Blauvelt. I found this page looking for information on Al Blauvelt, the graphic artist. Does anybody know of him? Thank you!

On Sept 22, 2002 John H Blauvelt nickdanger1[ at ] wrote:
I the son of John M Blauvelt,i am John H blauvelt i have a daughter Serenity Blauvelt, David S Blauvelt, Adam J Blauvelt, My wifes name is Janet c Resnickoff,Blauvelt. Just to update David and his wife Heather should be having a babby in january of 2003.We all live in Connecticut Excepted Serenity she lives in is great to know where you come from. thank so much. johnh

On Sept 7, 2002 Mary (Blauvelt) Robicheau m_m_m_nannysangels[ at ] wrote:
Born 1950 in South Ohio, Nova Scotia. My father is Franklyn L.Blauvelt (deceased). He was born Jan, 1922 in Gavelton, Nova Scotia, son of Charles Haskell Blauvelt. My mother Bessie is 82 yrs. old and lives in the old homestead where my 15 siblings and myself grew up. My husband Vic and I have lived in New Brunswick for 27 yrs, have three grown sons and three grandchildren. Would like to hear from relatives !!!!!

On Sept 6, 2002 Jeannie Blauvelt-DeAngelis jeanniehockey2[ at ] wrote:
This site is great. Am still going through my grandmothers family papers and am trying to get it all organized, there is quite a bit of it. She was a Greenleaf and my grandfather (her husband) was a Blauvelt and the papers she has on both has proved very interesting as both lines are very long. I thought it was going to be easiest to trace the Blauvelt roots, but actually it has been easier on the Greenleaf’s, which really urprises me! My grandfather was Irving Spencer Blauvelt and in his line I have only gotten back to William Herbert and Mellissa Elvira (Newton) Blauvelt who were his grandparents. Edwin Arthur and Ida Holly (Reed) were his parents. He also had 7 brothers-Hollis Arthur, Paul Vernon, Russell Winslow (who I am assuming died as an infant), Donald (also must have died as an infant), Merrill Maynard, Robert Franklin, and one sister, Dorothy Louise(Drevitson-Walsh) Blauvelt. It’s so neat to see so many of us Blauvelt’s around. I also got the chance to visit Blauvelt NY a couple of years ago and was so happy to get to visit there. I took pictures of my kids standing in front of places like the library, fire station, and a really neat diner. But like I said before, it was a little weird seeing a cemetery full of headstones with my last name!! I live up here in NH, but am originally from Medford, MA. My father is Robert M. Blauvelt Sr.. I think my GGgranfather was born in Cooperstown NY. And to the James M. Blauvelt who wrote in here back on Aug 28, 2000——–Yes you are related to US Blauvelts (as scary as that may seem!) And yes, your grandfather’s name was Hollis. Hollis and my grandfather, Irving, were brothers. (Oh, and tell your dad Jim I said hello! LOL) I think we have a fascinating family and would love to hear from other Blauvelt’s and Greenleaf’s. Jeannie

On Sept 5, 2002 Gretchen Blauvelt gblauvelt[ at ] wrote:
My name is Gretchen Blauvelt born, I am the daughter of Al Blauvelt and the granddaughter of George Blauvelt. I currently live in Arizona. Most of my “Blauvelt family” still lives in NJ. I would love to hear from anyone out there….

On August 5, 2002 S. Gibbons southwestern-belle[ at ] wrote:
I’m Isaac E. Blauvelt’s G-Grand-daughter! Being a Blauvelt is the greatest feeling in the world!

On August 2, 2002 Elaine Lyons lyonsden38[ at ] wrote:
My great great grandmother Rosa Bunn Williams was married to Isaac Elbridge Blauvelt in Putnam County, OH. I would be interested in finding any family history related to him. Thanks

On August 1, 2002 Kimberly Bailey Kouse kak5252002[ at ] wrote:
My grandmother is Evelyn Blauvelt Bailey–she married Harry J. Bailey and had two sons, Lawrence and Craig(Craig is my father)–I don’t know much about my family history but I am very interested in anything anyone has to tell me. Thanks

On July 28, 2002 Bob Brower president[ at ] wrote:
It seems that we just finished our 75th Anniversary meeting, but here it is already, time to register for September 14 in Canandaigua. I hear there are a lot of Blauvelts in upstate NY. Let’s hear from you. See the “annual meeting” link for details and a registration form. Bob Brower, Pres.

On July 20, 2002 R Blauvelt r.b[ at ] wrote:
It is exiting to be in a family with such an active and dedicated association! Thanks, and keep up the great work!

On July 5, 2002 Jacquie Jacquie1735[ at ] wrote:
My sister,Adeline (Cissi), was a good friend of James A. Blauvelt, from Nyack, N.Y., in early 1950’s.He would be in his 70’s… She is visiting me in November, and asked if I could find out if Jimmy, still lived in Rockland County. She would like to contact him. I believe his brother’s name is Elmer “Purdy” Blauvelt.

On June 10, 2002 Margarete E Curtis Blauvelt margeblauvelt[ at ] wrote:
My name is Margarete E. Curtis Blauvelt and my husband is David Thomas Blauvelt born 9/12/45 son of Vernon C Blauvelt born 3/07/24 -died 4/28/75. He was a retired fire chief, My husband was also in the fire service as is our daughter. There are alot of Blauvelt’s in the Puget Sound area. Would like to hear from anyone in the family. We live in Tacoma and there are more in Milton, Fox Island and Auburn. Hope to hear from you.

On June 1, 2002 Shery kearney801[ at ] wrote:
I was interested to see that Edward Hopper descends from this line. His friend and American painter of the same generation George Wesley Bellows is also related by marriage. Emma Louise Story, his wife and art student, is the 10th generation great grandaughter of the immigrant.

On May 30, 2002 Aleasa Hogate goaleasa[ at ] wrote:
Great site! I didn’t see any link to the New Sweden Centre in Wilmington Delaware. Check it out You may want to consider adding this link to your site. The New Sweden Centre Museum embraces the early settlers from 1638 thru 1776, and includes the Dutch. Sincerely, Aleasa Hogate (my ancestor a Swede Ancers Larsson Dalo came on the second journey of the Kalmar 1640

On May 25, 2002 carol blauvelt cblauvelt[ at ] wrote:
What a great reunion! Fun had by all, and the weather was beautiful! We took lots of pictures and will send them to Tom Blauvelt to post on the web site. See you all soon.

On May 23, 2002 Mike Murray-abd#2275 mikelakeside[ at ] wrote:
My grandmother was alway very proud to be a Blauvelt. I’m new to this group . I can see where she got her enthusiasm from.

On May 4, 2002 Donald Pickett don[ at ] wrote:
In regard to sylvia Pedersen April 18th, my ggr father Marsh Chase married Mary Lyacke. Their dau Irene Chase married William Blauvelt my grandfather. Nora Blauvelt father was Sylvester Levinus Blauvelt. Nora married James Marsh Chase Show Archie and Eugene, Archie worked for Alaska Air and his wife was the postmistress in Gustavus Alaska. My neighbor flew for AA and knew Archie. A book published in 1992 by Dorothy Annabelle DeBoer Is We Remember Gustavus Alaska 1917 to 1950. Have tried to email but have had no sucess. Don

On April 25, 2002 Brittany Blauvelt Brittany0811[ at ] wrote:
Hey my last name is Blauvelt too! and i like it alot! well i am glad i found this page because i had to do a family crest for history and i didn’t know they had anything on my last name. I love yall!!!! Bye!

On April 24, 2002 Suzi G southwestern-belle[ at ] wrote:
I’ll be thinking about New York this weekend! Have a great Blauvelt Reunion! I hope it’s the best one ever, and I’ll try to make it in September! God bless the Blauvelts!

On April 18, 2002 sylvia pedersen sylvia_pedersen[ at ] wrote:
Iam new to this but am trying to find info on my great grandmother Nora Blauvelt who married James Marsh Chase and moved from Nebraska to Alaska in the1920s.They had a son Archie and grandson Eugene(my father) thank you for any help Sylvia (Chase) Pedersen

On April 1, 2002 deanna babcock rd-morris[ at ] wrote:
found your web site very ancestors came over on the half moon in the 1730.s would like know more about the babcocks if you can help my e mail is rd-morris[ at ]

On March 17, 2002 Ruth Sickles, Marcine ruthsrescue[ at ] wrote:
Enjoyed reading the surnames and can relate to MANY of them, because they are from my own direct line. may God bless all my distant cousins, far and near.

On February 25, 2002 William Blauvelt wjb4321[ at ] wrote:
This is a great website. I will be visiting Blauvelt, NY for the first time during the first week of April. I will probably have only a few hours to explore historic Blauvelt site. Where are the best places to go to see “Blauvelt history”

On February 24, 2002 Rachel Blauvelt rkblauvelt[ at ] wrote:
I love my family!!!!:)

On February 24, 2002 Scott Wilhelm swilhelm[ at ] wrote:
Hello, I’m from Napanoch, NY originally, but currently living in Liverpool, NY. My mother is Geryl-Jo (Blauvelt) Wilhelm, whose father was Arthur H. Blauvelt. This is a great site. It’s amazing to find out how close your roots are 🙂 Thanks!

On February 20, 2002 Robert Lee Blauvelt II blauveltzappa[ at ] wrote:
i am interested in any family history anyone may have i was born in spingfield missouri on dec. 13 1972 i have a wife laura a son bradley and a daughter emily elizibeth. the name elizibeth is a coincidence but pretty cool any way.

On February 16, 2002 Evelyn June Blauvelt Kunik junebug42[ at ] wrote:
Hi everyone!! This is a great website. My name is Evelyn (June) my Dad was Franklin Babbit Blauvelt and his father was John Wesley Blauvelt. Children of Franklin are Marjorie Ruth, Norma Rae, Joyce Annie (deseased) Franklin Babbitt Jr. and (Evelyn June who does not appear in the first genealogy book) why I do no know. I would like to know how I was missed. Thanks. Hope to read some more interesting facts about all the Blauvelts out there. Bye for now.

On February 14, 2002 Bob Brower president[ at ] wrote:
Thanks Tom. I wondered where everybody was. We are all looking forward to the re-scheduled Annual Meeting on April 26-28 in and around Blauvelt NY. Don’t forget to reserve Sept. 14, for our Fall Annual Meeting in the Finger Lakes of NY. Regards to all. Bob Brower

On February 12, 2002 Thomas Blauvelt wrote:
Please note: due to an editing problem, any submissions to the guestbook between Jan 12 and Feb 12 have been lost. If you made a submission during that time would you please reenter it. I apologize for the error.

On January 12, 2002 Bob Peterson NA wrote:
Greetings from Clearwater! See you at the board meeting in March….Best Wishes. P.S. The water on my knee has frozen a few times down here already!

On January 12, 2002 Doris Barfield Sanders doris_sanders[ at ] wrote:
I am descended from Dirckie Blaeuvelt wife of Jan Westervelt and would like to know if these spellings are anywhere close to correct. Their son Jacobus Westervelt m. Debora Van Shuyven and their son Jacobus m. Deborah Demarest which connects to DeBaun, DeRuine, Drabbe, Meet, DeMandeville, Van der Straaten,Sohier, etc. Deborah and Jacobus led an interesting life. Anybody connected to this line? Doris Sanders

On January 8, 2002 Kelly Blauvelt razzledazzle_30[ at ] wrote:
Wow what a big family I never realized and have been so interested in learning more of where I came from. Not sure if you all can help me or not. But I am looking for my birth mother but don’t have her name and my father is unknown. I was born 7/22/69 in Hackensack NJ with the name of Kelly Blauvelt. I was adopted at the age of 6 months and my adopted parents changed my name to Linda Marie Bussard. I grow up in Cinnaminson NJ. I have been looking for my mother for 3 years now and looking into my birth family history which has been very interesting. It has been a empty part of me that I long to know. I don’t want to cause problems just want to know who I really am and who my family is and medical information. I will respect all private issues in this matter. Please if you have any information that could help me find my family email me and let me know. Or you can call at 931-738-3496 Thank you.

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