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On August 11, 2007 Amanda Merritt, merritta2001 [at] wrote:
Hello! I am looking for anyone with information about Al Blauvelt, the artist. I’m trying to find a copy of one of his etchings, The Music Room, for my son. If anyone can tell me about this artist and where I could find his etchings I would appreciate it. All you Blauvelts should be very proud of him!
Best regards,
Amanda Merritt

On July 16, 2007 Evan Blauvelt, evanblauvelt at wrote:
Hi Blauvelts!! My name is Evan Blauvelt son of Howard Blauvelt from Hollis Queens. I have a twin brother Ryan Blauvelt. I live in Hewitt NJ and don’t know much about my family origin. If anyone has any information about Blauvelts from Queens please e-mail me.

On July 9, 2007 mellonie blauvelt, mellonie at wrote:
married to Lester E. Blauvelt, Lacona, NY

On July 9, 2007 Terry Blauvelt, terryvblauvelt at wrote:
I am Terry V. Blauvelt, son of Dennis V. Blauvelt, Grandson of Charles V. Blauvelt, and father of Theodore V. Blauvelt all of Missouri. I have been attempting to establish a membership in the National Society of Sons of the American Revolution. Does anyone have actual records (not hearsay) of a Blauvelt serving in the militia of a state or acceptance into this organization? I would appreciate any help.

On June 20, 2007 David Blauvelt blauveltd at wrote:
Good evening, I am David John Blauvelt, father of Andrew John in Iowa and Benjamin Nicholas , also in Iowa. I am the son of Douglas Nicholas Blauvelt and Catherine Acker, formerly from Ossining, New York. My siblings are Janet Ivy of K.C.,Missouri, Richard, of St. Charles, IL., Sarah, of Oak Park, IL.and Thomas, of Overland Park, Kan.

On June 4, 2007 Andrew Blauvelt ablavs(at) wrote:
Hi I’m one of the few Blauvelts in Iowa; my grandfather is Douglas Blauvelt and my father David. I just thought I would let all of you know that our family is growing in that I am about to have a child in Aug. and my brother (Benjamin) just had a son Tyler who will be 2 in Nov. love the site. talk to you soon!

On April 24, 2007 Debbie Simon imaboopadoop[at] wrote:
Hi to all,
I see some familiar (no pun intended) names in here, and just wanted to leave a brief comment. My Grandfather was Hollis Arthur Blauvelt (wife – Elizabeth Mazzarella), Great Grand was Edwin Arthur Blauvelt (wife Ida Holly Reed), GG Grand William Herbert Blauvelt (wife Melissa Elvira Newton), GGG Hendrick Knoll Blauvelt (wife Ellen Jane Mitchell). Would love to have any information that anyone is willing to share documents, photos, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I want to leave a legacy for my children!
Debbie Simon

On April 5, 2007 Levi Bauvelt ltccomics [at] wrote:
I’m a 12 year old boy..I know a lot about my family history…so i just thought i would come here. I have plenty of books about our family name..i live in Fort Wayne, Indiana..i understand that our last name Blauvelt Means blue sky in germany!

On March 11, 2007 Joan Dunbar Faulkingham joanfred38(a), wrote:
I am looking for information on Alexander Salvene, the last husband of Lillian Blauvelt, the opera singer. Does anyone in the Blauvelt line know what happened to him and to Lillian’s medals, she received when singing.My children are direct decendents to Lillian through her sister, Florence Blauvelt Pulcifer, their great-grandmother. Joan Dunbar Faulkingham-

On March 10, 2007 Emily Arminio Luckykat226 at wrote:
Hello Blauvelts ! I am currently teaching in Richmond and living in Midlothian, VA. I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces while gazing at the reunion photos. Miss you all. Fondly, Emily

On February 28, 2007 David Blauvelt
dblauvelt at wrote:
Hello Blauvelts,
I live in Kearney Nebraska. Descendent of Leslie, Forrest and Melvin Blauvelt all Nebraska Blauvelt’s

On February 9, 2007 sherry blauvelt
tgtsitr[ at] wrote:
I am the daughter of fred blauvelt of clyde, ny. even though he has moved to n.c. If hazel daughter of albert would like to contact me we are related. our fathers were brothers. I have traveled to blauvelt, ny when i was about 13 years old it was a good experence and every one was very nice. we stayed at the blauvelt inn and went to the library.I am in woodlawn, tn which is close to ft campbell,ky.after getting out of the military i stayed here. it was real nice reading everyones messages, it was like being home, i miss ny alot even with all the snow.

On February 1, 2007 Jessica R Blauvelt
xxbrokeninsidexo at wrote:
This is pretty neat…I didn’t know that there was a Blauvelt family website. I live in upstate NY, and I don’t think I know ANY of you! There are a lot of Jessica’s, aren’t there? I never realized how big the family was…I’ll look around the website a lil more later….

On January 17, 2007 ALYSSA BLAUVELT
alyssablauvelt[at] wrote:

On January 10, 2007 Shannon Blauvelt
shnnbutterfly(at) wrote:
hello all, im doing some geneology on my family name. My parents are Deneice and Daniel Blauvelt, Grandparents are Edmond and Ruby Blauvelt out of Indiana, if someone has some info e-mail me.

On January 1, 2007 Linda Barton wrote:
I appreciate your site and learning more. I am interested in finding a connection between Johannes verveleen of Harlem, New York and some of his decendents who moved to Newtown or Long Island City -where I can trace my family roots. Linda Van Valen Barton

On December 11, 2006 Jessica Lynn Blauvelt
jessica.blauvelt [at] wrote:
Hello there!!! This page has always amazed me…my family gets bigger by the minute!!! And to think I was the only one with my last name…how conceited I am!!! 🙂 Well it is good to see all of you out there. I ran across this website looking for another Jessica Blauvelt from Bristol CT. I am also from CT, born and raised. I am 23 years old. I have one younger sister (Jennifer) and I currently work & reside in CT. Looking forward to hearing from any of my extended family. I would be more than happy to share my family tree! Happy Holidays to a wonderful family!!!

On December 2, 2006 Diane dianestoy2[at] wrote:
Hello, My name is Diane and I am searching for some information on my grandmother her name was Evelyn Mae Blauvelt and she married a Harry E Mullen. They resided in the Cleveland, Ohio area but I believe she was from Glencoe Ca. (I believe that is what is on my moms birth certificate). She has no information to share. I was hoping that maybe someone might know who she was and maybe some information on the rest of the family. Thanks

On November 16, 2006 arthur blauvelt wrote:
hello blauvelts my father was arthur f blauvelt my grandfather was arthur blauvelt and now my son is also an arthur blauvelt here in salt lake city utah but most my immediate family still in upstate new york drop me a line.

On November 10, 2006 Joan Cypher joancypher at wrote:
Hi, I’m the granddaughter of Susan Blauvelt Covert, who lived in Rockland County. My dad, Kenneth Leslie Covert, was born in Piermont, NY. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Joan

On August 28, 2006 Justin Bell Just-o_82 at wrote:
Hello to all of you. I obviously (by the name) am not a Blauvelt. But I was a good friend to a Geoff Blauvelt years ago at a Job Corpse center in Maine. We had lost contact a few years ago, and last I had heard he was inlisting in the ARMY. So I guess I’m kinda wondering if geoffp82[ at ] is the Geoff I am looking for? If so please e-mail me just to chat to an old friend.

On August 15, 2006 Carole Cummings carolencummings (at) wrote:
Hello everyone…I JUST recently got interested in genealogy and started doing some research. I found a Sarah Blauvelt in one of my lines. She married a Jacobus Smith who had a daughter named Anna Smith who married a Daniel Haring back in 1798. My grandfather was James Smith Haring III, and I am rather excited to see this interest in the Blauvelt line. Anna Smith was born on Mar 14 1774, but I have no information on her mother Sarah Blauvelt who married Jacobus Smith. I would love to learn more about the family reunions. I now live in the Dallas, TX area. I do remember the Haring side of the family went back to the original Tappan families. The one uncle who had all of this information died and all was lost. I did retrieve a bit of information from an obituary he had written up for a younger brother who died. I used part of that obituary information to start my search. Here is part of my mother’s write with the same information. Anything you can add would be of great help. Thanks a bunch!

Here is part of Mom’s write up: “Elizabeth Nurmi was a descendant of the Harings, who were the original settlers of New Amsterdam and patentees of the Orangeburg Patent, settling in Tappan, New York and harringtown, now Harrington Park, New Jersey. She was also a direct scion of the Viscount Tracys of Stanway Castle, Galway Ireland. Her ancestors served in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. She is also a descendant of the Requa family who were amongst the French Huguenots who settled in New Rochelle, New York in the late 1600s. Her great grandfather was an owner of Glode Requa Coal and Lumber Company in Monsey, New York. James Smith Haring, III, her father, died in June 1965, and her mother Marguerite Blanche Haring died in 1982 at the age of 92.”

On July 16, 2006 Judith M. Richwine richwine[at] wrote:
In going through some family things, I came across a letter to my grandmother, Charity Blauvelt Hutchinson, telling her that she was a charter member of your association with a membership number of #145. My grandmother died during the 60’s. She was born in 1881 and loved to tell of being 7 years old during the terrible blizzard in NYC where she lived.

On July 11, 2006 Jean Diemond wrote:
My grandmother’s(Frances W (Crosby) Phillips mother’s maiden name was Blauvelt. Her first name was Helen, and middle initial “J”, and she was born abt 1853 in Nova Scotia, and married Fred W. Crosby. At times she may have gone by middle name (possibly Jane). Does anyone have any info on this Blauvelt? I’d love to hear from anyone who may be related. Other children in family were, Ethel, Fred Nelson, James Luther, Helen A., & Beulah. All children except Ethel were born in Lynn, Massachusetts.

On July 4, 2006 Janessa Blauvelt nesj69 (at) wrote:
Hey how is everybody? I havn’t been on here for a while and just wanted to say if anyone wants to chat feel free to reach me at my email. I would love to hear from any one of you!

On May 25, 2006 Benjamin N Blauvelt ben.blauvelt[ at ] wrote:
A Blauvelt in Iowa here, hi all. Father is David J and Grandfather is Douglas.

On May 8, 2006 Bobbie(Blauvelt)Muise bobbiemuise (at) wrote:
Hi my name is Bobbie Muise. I am 44 years old. I am the daughter of the late Franklyn Blauvelt and Bessie (Fletcher) Blauvelt. I live in Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada. I am married to Glenn Muise. We have 5 children AND 1 grandson. I have so enjoyed reading everone’s messages. I did not realize there are so many of us as our family is the only one I am aware of here in N.S. I would LOVE to hear from other Blauvelts.

On May 5, 2006 rebecca blauvelt beckylischious[at] wrote:
hello fellow Blauvelts, my name is becky and i am 16. i became curious of our family history when i first received the Blauvelt news so i serched our name and found a whole bunch of pages. my father is Franklin M. Blauvelt Jr. and, well, my grandfather is the first. well i just wanted to put myself out there and say hello from L.A., C.A 3,000 miles from where we started!!

On April 25, 2006 shelley tahititraveler [at] wrote:
We’re researching our family and have run into a road block and are now making a guess. Our family is Brinkerhoff (although sometimes spelled Brinckerhoff). We’ve located a Henry Brinckerhoff born 1759 in Flushing, NY/died 1834 in Beacon, NY. We know we are related to him, we’d just like to be able to trace his wife. His wife is unknown however they had a child, Garret Blauvelt Brinckerhoff, born 1805 NY, NY. Thought maybe Blauvelt was the mother’s maiden name. We do know that the mother was born 1771 in NY and died March 22, 1824 in Beacon, NY. That’s Dutchess County. I know this is a long shot, but any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance

On February 21, 2006 Martha Tomhave Blauvelt mtomhave{at} wrote:
Hello, my late husband was Andrew H. Blauvelt, b. Aug. 24, 1947 in New York City (died Aug. 9, 2004) and adopted by William and Helen Blauvelt. I am trying to locate his birth mother, Mitzie Schlegel, who was a 21 year old student in 1947, solely so that I can find his family’s medical history. If anyone knows any thing about her, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Many thanks!

On February 15, 2006 Trudie Fowler Turner trudie{at} wrote:
I am trying to find parents of John Blauvelt, b. c. 1800 in NY, died 1840 in Wayne Co. Michigan. He left a widow with 5 children under age 10. He was run over by a team of horses and a wagon and took three days to die. Married to Martha Britten in Onondaga co. NY 1830. Any help appreciated.

On February 7, 2006 Nicole Blauvelt Nblauv[at] wrote:
I was just surfing the web to see what I could find. WOW I new about the town in New york but never new how many people shared the Blauvelt name. I am the Daughter of Michael A Blauvelt and the Granddaughter of Donald Blauvelt. So far never met another Blauvelt. So Hello from Illinois!!!!!!!

On January 19, 2006 Emily Blauvelt wrote:
Just wanted to see the Blauvelt web site

On December 9, 2005 Karen-Lee Stock (nee Blauvelt) Lola2769[at] wrote:
Wow, I stumbled onto this site by accident! My dad is Kenneth Blauvelt born in Sanford, Maine to Bernard Blauvelt and Marion (Kimball) Blauvelt. Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about my grandpa’s family, except that he had a brother Al, a sister Mamie. My Grandpa lived in Billerica, MA for years, but I think he grew up around Somerville, MA. He had 3 children, Catherine, Kenneth (my Dad), and Keith. My Dad and Keith are the only ones who had children. If my Grandpa sounds familiar to anyone out there, please, please contact me, I’d love to know more about my family! I’m 36 years old, and have a 2 year old daughter. I’d love to start a family tree for her. It’s great to see so many people with my last name!

On October 16, 2005 Tyler Blauvelt nof84me05[at] wrote:
Hello to all the Blauvelts out there. My name is Tyler, one of two sons by Bruce Blauvelt, whose father is Bob Blauvelt….I’m originally from Cathedral City, CA which is near Palm Springs…I live in Lake Tahoe now after serving four years in the Marines…Am I right in that the name Blauvelt is Dutch? Just wanted to say hello!

On Sept 9, 2005 Cousin Suzi G. gibb38[at] wrote:
Blauvelt cousin Charles Finsley’s son, Gregory, escaped the hurricane in New Orleans by hours. Greg is now an “evacuee” — living in Texas w/ Chuck. He left N.O. with a suitcase & one pair of shoes! But, Blauvelts are survivors! Please remember Gregory, Charles, and all the other rebuilders in your prayers.

On August 31, 2005 Brigette Barr byronbraxton[at] wrote:
Hello to all you fabulous Blauvelts! It has been awhile since I have visited and its great to see so many of us still returning. I love reading all the comments, it is almost like I know you all personnaly.

On August 25, 2005 Kyle Blauvelt wrote:
Whats up Blauvelts just doing some research on the blauvelt family name and im pleased to see there are so many of us blauvelts out there. i would have to say blauvelt are [great] and am proud as hell to be one.

On August 21, 2005 Gary Blauvelt g4bluegrass[ at ] wrote:
I’m seeking info regarding Earl Blauvelt (my grandfather)and Ivan Blauvelt, both originally from Shinglehouse Pa. Earl was married to a Sherwood, and may have a brother named Fred.I am trying to trace my roots, and will appreciate any information. Thanks Much!!

On August 21, 2005 Jessica J. Blauvelt wrote:
Hi Blauvelt’s How wonderful to find all you fellow Blauvelts here. My brother had already posted without me knowing. I am Jessica Blauvelt daughter of Barry J Blauvelt, granddaughter of George Blauvelt of the NY/NJ area. Currently living in No.Va attending Landscape Architecture school in Maryland. Any Blauvelts in the area it would be great fun to get in touch! Peace and love to you all.

On August 14, 2005 Patricia J. Sass sasebo.crypto[at] wrote:
I believe I may be related to Blauvet via Jacob Tinkey and or Jacobus Van Orden. Their offspring Gerrett Tinkey and Anna (Antje)Van Orden, born 29 June 1781, Married 22 Mar 1798 Dutch Reformed Church NYC, had a daughter Matilda Tinkey whom married Abraham Manee. Any information on those two would be helpful. Thank you, Patricia

On August 6, 2005 Donna Jones wrote:
Hi! Donna Jones from Wisconsin. My Great Grandmother was a daughter of Garrett A. Blauvelt. She was Flora Julia Blauvelt. Her siblings were Bradner, Holland, & Cora. Anyone with info on this side of the Blauvelts I would appreciate your help and I am always glad to give info back. Flora married a William Bishop, Holland married a Nettie Wiley, Bradner Married Cora Jarman, & Cora married Willis Hanchett.

On May 12, 2005 shawn m blauvelt shawnblauvelt at wrote:
hi all u blauvelts out there. my uncle and grandfather always told me we had a big family, i never realized just how big it really was. i was surprised to find that my brother spc geoffrey blauvelt and mother cat blauvelt had already visited this site before me. i would also like to mention my late grandfather Edward Robert Blauvelt he was a great man, and an even greater blauvelt. best wishes to all blauvelts evrey where!!!!

On March 28, 2005 wrote:
Hello and greetings from Bremen,GA. My name is Marcia Semmendinger. My father William Blauvelt Semmendinger and mother Leslie Sutherland-Karvala have 4 children 3 girls and 1 boy whose middle name is Blauvelt. My fathers mother was Clair Blauvelt and the only thing that I know about is women is that her father was a pharamist in Egglewood.(not sure if I spelled that right or what state either NY or NJ). I am however very interested in my family heritage. If anyone can help please contact me at

On March 23, 2005 Kelley Blauvelt tndrhrttc [ at ] wrote:
I was born a Blauvelt in Nebraska and am now married to a Hanson. Harry Blauvelt was my grandfather. My dad is Paul. He has brothers Lyle and Jack. Sisters Lila Mae(Sis),Thelma(Pete),Doris and Harriett(Jo).

On March 21, 2005 Vanderbilt Brady Vandygenealogist[at] wrote:
Members of my Vanderbilt family married Blauvelts. I am interested in the descendants of these unions as well as viewing a current genealogy. I am willing to help if there is any need. Vanderbilt Brady

On March 17, 2005 BETHANY KIMBALL peppamnt [at] wrote:
I have been trying to get in touch with SPC Geoffrey Blauvelt for like 3 years… Could anyone please help me find a way to locate him. I would really appreciate it… I see that he has been here and left messages… PLEASE HELP!

On March 7, 2005 wrote:
Hi my name is Janessa Blauvelt. I live in Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada. I never realized there was so many of us!

On March 5, 2005 Lucille Nagelkirk familytreeclimber[at] wrote:
Hello to all my Blauvelt cousins, I live in western Michigan, about 35 miles from Grand Rapids although I was born in Englewood NJ. I love the Blauvelt video and have watched it time and time again. I have also used it for a program in our DAR, Colonial Dames 17th Century, and Daughters of Founders and Patriots chapter meetings. Everyone is always amazed at the content and professional quality of this video. I am so excited about the new forthcoming genealogy books. It will be fun to read about the extended family.

On March 2, 2005 Jessica Blauvelt wrote:
Hello to all fellow Blauvelt’s…geesshh i thought this name was rare…i guess not! I’m from Newtown CT and I am currently enrolled at NVCC.

On February 24, 2005 blauvelt wrote:
robert from s.c and crystal of buffalo,n.y. and hazel from clyde,n.y. children of albert earl

On February 24, 2005 Andrew Blauvelt wrote:
I am a Blauvelt and I live in Grand Haven Michigan, it is a very nice town. I give the Blauvelt movie, An American Journey, two thumbs up! Im pretty sure I’m a member because my grandma is pretty into this and signed me up. I am 16.

On February 19, 2005 Rich Blauvelt Jr wrote:
hello My name is Rich Blauvelt I do live in the town of Blauvelt, Ny. This is a very nice town to live you should vist to see the great town of Blauvelt it is located about 20mins from NYC,

On February 18, 2005 Carter Blauvelt wrote:
I’m a college student at the Universtiy of Nebraska and have lived in Nebraska my entire life. Go Husker Blauvelts!!!

On February 14, 2005 Raymond Boulier wrote:
I am not a Blauvelt, however i am a friend of the families and i am interested in the family backround…it is great to see how many people are blauvelts!

On February 4, 2005 Tamara Blauvelt tamfarn [at] wrote:
i was origially a blauvelt but was adopted and i dont really know anything about our history so i guess we are all family i am 18 and i would like some info let me know please!

On January 22, 2005 D. Langone wrote:
I am not a Blauvelt, but have two framed oil paintings on board signed JH Blauvelt, 1896. Some people think the artist is the daughter of a well-known American artist, Charles F. Blauvelt, born in New York City. If anyone has more information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

On January 12, 2005 jessica blauvelt wrote:
this is jessica blauvelt from N.Y. I’m in scholl right now… bored as ever!I’m suposed to be doing my midterm but… i guess I’m not! if any of you people have aol my screename is pyLAX72. give me a shout!

On January 3, 2005 john dix johndx7 at wrote:
Hi. can anyone help me contact Charles David Lane, Blauvelt member # 2046 or his close relatives? I have his watch to return. Thank you.

On January 1, 2005 Joey Joe Joe McGee top_dawg05[ at ] wrote:
Andrew Blauvelt is the realest Blauvelt around! Holla! BRICKS FOR LIFE

On December 27, 2004 CTI1 Lisa Blauvelt, USNR lmblauvelt[at] wrote:
Hello Blauvelt descendents! I live in Belgium and I will soon be travelling to the Netherlands for a short vacation time. Does anyone know places that I can go see that relate to the family? Is there anything the Association want pictures of anything there?

On December 18, 2004 Charlie Blauvelt charles(at) wrote:
Charlie Blauvelt born in Arlington Tx. Grandson of William and Jerry Blauvelt, Son of Sandy and Suzy Blauvelt, married to Cymbre with a daughter Alexis.

On December 10, 2004 frank patterson fvpattersom at wrote:
Is anyone aware of the whereabouts of a Jill Blauvelt from Franklin Lakes NJ who grew up there in the 60’s.

On November 30, 2004 Sandra Lee Blauvelt (nee Lockwood) sandra.blauvelt [at] wrote:
My husband Ronald Albert Blauvelt (deceased) was the son of Ronald Delos Blauvelt who still lives in Coudersport, PA. Ronald Delos Blauvelt’s father was adopted by Owen Delos Blauvelt and took his name. I am interested in finding out more about Owen Delos Blauvelt, if anyone knows. Thanks.

On November 14, 2004 gibb38{at} gibb38[at] wrote:
Just like all other Blauvelts, Goeff, you are a survivor. Even BEFORE the Civil War, Blauvelts have shown their toughness and commitment to America! Gerritt would have been proud of your accomplishments. Thank you.

On November 13, 2004 Spc Geoffrey Blauvelt geoffp82 [@] wrote:
Just letting everyone know that I’m back from a yearlong deployment in iraq. It was pretty hectic but i made it back. Wow i was reading up in the guestbook and a lot of people have surfed thru here since i last stopped by. Well hope everyone is doing good.

On October 20, 2004 Koren Blauvelt wrote:
hey my name is Koren Blauvelt,im 13 yrs old n i wanna no more history on our family n family if you read this can you please e*mail me i wanna no more about the family n i wanna no if i have ne more nice family members.please e*mail me -thanks

On October 19, 2004 Sharon Hurley shadowolf49 [at] wrote:
Blauvelt genealogy entries, 7-3973 & 8-8167. James H Blauvelt and Rachel had a son, Jno H. alias John, according to 1870 census. I believe he was my great grandfather. He moved to Schenectady, New York. 1870 census shows them living with Albert and Margaret Pulis, his grandparents. Does anyone have any info to clarify. I do not have Blauvelt books at this time. Also looking for Rachel’s maiden name, and John’s wife, Alice’s maiden name.Parents born in England.

On October 19, 2004 Sharon Hurley shadowolf49[ at ] wrote:
Blauvelt genealogy records 7-3973& 8-8167…James & Rachel had a son, John (1870 Census Records) alias Jno H., age 7. I believe he is my great grandfather. Does anyone have info to help me. I do not have Blauvelt history books at this time. In 1870 he was living with Albert & Margaret Pulis, his grandparents. I am also trying to find out John’s wife, Alice’s maiden name. Her parents were from England.

On October 10, 2004 sharon hurley shadowolf49 [ at ] wrote:
Looking for connections. My mother was Wilhelmina Blauvelt,from Schenectady, NY. Her mother was Theresa, and her father was John. Born in the late 1800’s, but I don’t know where. If you have any info, please let me know..Thank you

On Sept 24, 2004 Bill Blauvelt wrote:
A special thankyou to our host and hostess at the 78th Annual Meeting , DORIS and GEORGE BLAUVELT !!!What a marvelous time we had in Gettysburg.How interesting a part of the family history as well as the country. Count Carol and me to be in Delaware next year!

On Sept 11, 2004 Suzi Finsley-Gibbons gibb38[at] wrote:
Three years ago, the Blauvelt Reunion was in New York. We all remember; we all grieve. God Bless America!

On August 21, 2004 Judy Maugeri maugerij [at] wrote:
I have just recently started my family genealogy and I find that my ancestor was Mary Matilda Blauvelt married to Garret Henry Haulenbeck. Is this part of this Blauvelt line? Not finding much information on her so I hope you can help.

On July 27, 2004 Bob Brower wrote:
We have all been saddened by the death of our 2nd Vice President, Robert Peterson. He was a good friend to each of us, and he will be missed. His responsibilites for ABD have included: assistance with logistics for annual meetings; maintaining our archives; heading our audit comm., and unofficial story and joke teller. The Funeral and viewing will be at the Vander Plaat Funeral Home, 257 Godwin Ave., Wyckoff NJ (201-891-3400). Viewing hours are: Thurs. 7/29/04 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm. Funeral is Friday, 7/30 at 10:30 a.m., with burial following at the Mahwah Reformed Church Cemetery. Our condolences to wife, Barbara; son, Scott, and daughter, Linda (chairperson of the ABD scholarship committee). On another note, now would be a good time to send in your reservations for the Annual Reunion in Gettysburg.

On July 20, 2004 Chris boogiefeev[at] wrote:
Hi there Blauvelts, is there anyone out there with a geneaology that may have collided with a ‘Dubois’ family, maybe around 1840 in harrington, nj? My great great grandmother had said that ‘she was a decendant of general blauvelt’. and thats about all the info i have to go on right now aside from a few other names and dates.

On July 6, 2004 Jess J Jurica drpoochix at wrote:
I am looking for an old friend, Bobby blauvelt, who I worked with back in the 60’s… We worked for Heather Lane Nursery out of Rockland County, NY… He lived in Tappan, Ny… I believe he went to work for the post office… He would be close to 60 yrs old now Any help would be appreciated … Thank You

On June 30, 2004 Jane Hawes Church wrote:
HI, I just found that my ggggrandfather Aaron Bluefield born Rockland Co., NY is probably Aurie Blauvelt, possibly son of Cornelius Blauvelt. Aaron died in Michigan in 1864 (age 72). Margaret Bluefield Elliott was my gggrandmother, parents Angeline MIllet & Aaron Bluefield, all born NY. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

On June 21, 2004 Vickie Fraser wrote:
My great grandmother was Ellen Louisa Blauvelt. She was the daughter of Charles and Emily and they were from Michigan. Apparently she emigrated to Ontario, Canada around 1890 and married Alfred Lester Breaton in 1893.I would appreciate any information about her family. Thank you

On June 8, 2004 Stacy Blauvelt wrote:
Wow! who would ever think that the Blauvelt name would be as large as it is today! It’s a BIG family. I live in Yarmouth Nova Scotia (Canada) born july 19/83 I am the daughter of Peter Blauvelt. Who’s parents are Franklyn L.Blauvelt (deceased) and Bessie Blauvelt. This website is great place to learn about our history!

On June 2, 2004 Lisa Frawley jnl_frawley[at] wrote:
Great Website. Interested in finding information on my great grandmother, Sadie Blauvelt who was married to Charles Hartmann. They had two daughters Florence and Elsie. Thank you
On May 25, 2004 Lucas Blauvelt wrote:
I never realized how big my family actually is. I am amazed that our name is German

On May 22, 2004 Vincent van der Es see weblink wrote:
Pitty that my information from 13 april 2003 here and by mail is never used at this site about the Van Heekskerck connection etc. or

On May 18, 2004 Randall Rider rjrider [ at ] wrote:
I have just discovered this site. I am the grandson of John Rider and (10,204)Ruth Blauvelt(Herbert Allison Blauvelt, 7557) born at VanWert, Ohio, October 11th, 1901. I have information on descendants of John and Ruth to the present generation. It’s nice to find all of you!

On May 12, 2004 Kit ckit[at] wrote:
Looking for info on Irene Blauvelt who was living in Harrison NJ as stated on the 1910 census with a niece Ida Coombs. Does anyone know her maiden name or anything about her family?

On April 29, 2004 Kelly Blauvelt wrote:
I am looking for my birth mother but don’t have her first name and my father is unknown. I was born 7/22/69 in Hackensack NJ with the name of Kelly Blauvelt. I was adopted at the age of 6 months from my foster mother. My adopted parents changed my name to Linda Marie Bussard. I grow up in Cinnaminson NJ. I have been looking for my mother for 5 years now and looking into my birth family history which has been very interesting. It has been a empty part of me that I long to know. I don’t want to cause problems just want to know who I really am and who my family is and medical information. I will respect all private issues in this matter. Please if you have any information that could help me find my family email me and let me know or call at 931-738-3450 Thank you.

On April 21, 2004 Tracy Blauvelt illcommunication[at] wrote:
I’m the daughter of Raymond B. Blauvelt, son of Frank R. Blauvelt in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve always wanted to trace my geneology but haven’t done it yet. Don’t have much time now, I just stumbled across this site. Will return with more information on my family. If anyone has any, please contact me. Thank you and take care.

On March 22, 2004 John Howard Blauvelt III wrote:
Hello, I was born on Long Island N.Y. and am trying to trace my family tree. My father and grandfather share the same name, can anyone help me? Thanks John Howard Blauvelt III

On March 17, 2004 Raymond P. Blauvelt raymond.blauvelt[at] wrote:
Good to hear from family! I am Raymond Paul Blauvelt, a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy stationed at Patuxent River,Md.I have two brothers John Walter Blauvelt and David Allen Blauvelt, also served in the Navy. Along with my father Gerald Allen Blauvelt and Walter Blauvelt,we are all from Elyria,Ohio.By the way, I served on the USS Gettysburg CG-64,coincidence? Maybe not.

On March 11, 2004 S.G. Gibb38[at] wrote:
The last living grandchild of Isaac E. Blauvelt, Ohio Civil War Veteran, is gravely ill. Please, if you have a moment BLUAVELT COUSINS, send her a card and pray for her. Marjean Spitsnaugle Mennonite Memorial Home 4 10 West Elm Street Bluffton, OH 45817 — Room 122. Thank you. SG

On March 10, 2004 Doris Blauvelt Secretary [at] wrote:
Message for Donald Edward Blauvelt. Hello Donald! We do have your family’s line going all the way back to Gerrit Hendricksen, progenitor of the Blauvelt family in America. Please contact me for more information. Thank you, Doris Blauvelt

On February 28, 2004 Charles Blauvelt skygrace(at) wrote:
Hello !! What fun finding out about the real meaning of my name… always thought “Bluefield” was of the grassy sort!! I am Charles Blauvelt, son of Barry Blauvelt ,son of George Blauvelt all from the NY/NJ area. I live in New Port Richey Florida now, my Uncle George Jr. Blauvelt,lives near by. I have a brother Bruce Blauvelt, and sister Jessica Blauvelt, and my daughter is Zoe Blauvelt ! Remember “B” as in boy “V” like victor and “T” as in tom !!! (: Bye!!

On February 22, 2004 wrote:
My name is Donald Edward Blauvelt, father William Donald Blauvelt, grandfather Grover Blauvelt. Father and grandfather originally from the Waverly, N.Y. area. Father born in 1924, grandfather around 1896-1898. Interested in information and tips as to how to track back further. [Note from webmaster: Donald, please contact the Secretary by email so we may reply to your question.]

On February 19, 2004 Davis Ross ross05[ at ] wrote:
I am a local historian, living in Harrington Park, NJ. Our Harrington Park Historical Society has custodial responsibilities for an old town cemetery variously called “The Blauvelt Cemetery” or “Old Burying Ground.” There are many Blauvelts, obviously, interred at the site. I would appreciate hearing from any descendants of persons buried there. I have been able to locate most of the family in the published Blauvelt genealogies; but since those compilations end with the 8th generation I cannot trace for later descendants. Thanks in advance, Davis Ross

On January 26, 2004 peter blauveldt blauveldt1977[a] wrote:
hi i just wanted people to know there is a canada branch of the blauvelt clan however we do spell our name differently (Blauveldt)is the way we spell it if you would like to hear of this branch of the family please feel free to contact me

On January 22, 2004 Elaine Lyons lyonsden38 [ at ] wrote:
My geat grandmother Rosa Bunn Williams of Putnam Co, Oh was married to Isaac Elbridge Blauvelt

On January 20, 2004 Pat Jellison pattijel[ a ] wrote:
Hello, I remember getting the Blauvelt News when I was young. My paternal grandmother was born Grace Blauvelt in Worcester, MA in 1887, her father was Jesse born in CT and her mother was Mary Donnelly born in Scotland. Jesse’s father was Henry K. Blauvelt and his mother was Ellen Jane Mitchell, Henry K. Blauvelt’s father was John and his mother was Annatje Knoll. Henry K. was born in 1799 in NY he married Christina Diedrich in 1828 in Athens, NY, she died in 1844 and he married Ellen Mitchell. Henry K. was a shoemaker and he had 12 children: Ann Eliza, Jane, Catharine, Mary, John, Ellen, Jemina, Solomon, William, John (first son John died), Jesse and Christina. My great-grandfather Jesse was born in Seymour, CT and was a machinist. He and Many Ann DOnnelly had 6 children (one stillborn) Mary, James, Grace, Jesse and John W. Grace was my grandmother who married Francis Richard Coughlin in Malden, MA in 1904. They had 5 children, Francis RIchard, Grace, Doris, RIta Lillian and James. Francis was my father. I live in Portsmouth, NH and would love to here from any of the Blauvelts.

On January 18, 2004 Vickie Fraser wrote:
I am looking for information about my great grandmother, Louisa Blauvelt. She was married to Alfred Lestor Breaton. I believe that she was actually born in Holland and emmigrated to Ontario in the late 1800’s/ I would really appreciate any information i can get about her family.

On December 31, 2003 Mary{Blauvelt}Robicheau m_m_m_nannysangels[at] wrote:
Happy New Year to all Blauvelt’s everywhere!!!

On December 23, 2003 H. B. Gill hgill[at] wrote:
I am not a Blauvelt but I need some help. My mother’s sister married a Blauvelt and I am trying to find his given name. My mother’s sister was Mildred Jayne. She died in 1920 leaving at least one child. She in buried in Bay Shore, NY. I would like to know her husband’s full name. Thanks for any help.

On December 18, 2003 cynthia Blauvelt wrote:
Hi all you Blauvelts, We have a very historical name as you all know. I am close descendents of the Blauvelt’s from the time of the Baylor Massacre in River Vale New Jerey. I would like to know more of the story if anyone knows it. Apparently it was on my relatives farm and tannery , if you have any information could you please let me kknow of it. Plese e-mail me at

On November 30, 2003 John Hopkin john_hopkin68[at] wrote:
. I also am not a Blauvelt, but spent the best years of my life there, from 1967 to 1970. We lived in an amazing neighborhood on Blauvelt Rd. across the street from the JHS. There were one or more kids between the ages of 14-16 in almost every house. For 33 years my brother and I have reminisced about those days and what a fantastic place it was to grow up. This past summer we finally held a reunion, and every single one of us showed up! It was a beautiful experience! It must be gratifying knowing that your family heritage includes establishing a town that inspires complete strangers to thank you!

On November 4, 2003 Karen B. Blauvelt kbblauv at wrote:

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