Gerrit Hendricksen van Deventer,
ancestor of the Blauvelt family in America

The first record of Gerrit Hendricksen Blauvelt in New Netherland was his marriage to Marie Lamberts in the Reformed Church of New Amsterdam on 7 May 1646: 1

“Gerrit Hendrickszen, j. m. Van Deventer, en Marie Lamberts, j. d. Uÿt N. Nederlt.”

From his marriage record we know that Gerrit came from Deventer, and his patronymic tells us his father’s name was Hendrick. Based on this key evidence, Louis L. Blauvelt researched the records of the Deventer Reformed Church in the 1920s. He found the baptisms of three Gerrit Hendricksens born between 1620 and 1623. He decided that the Gerrit baptized on 9 Apr 1620, son of “Hendrick Gerryts and Gertye (or Grietye),” was our Blauvelt ancestor. Louis Blauvelt based his decision on traditional naming conventions. He knew that Gerrit’s first son would be named after his father Hendrick, as he was, and his first daughter would be named Grietje or Margrietje after his mother. Gerrit named his first two daughters Grietje, and both died young. He named his third daughter Margrietje. In this way, Louis L. Blauvelt, confirmed the identity of our Blauvelt ancestor. He was Gerrit Hendricksen from Deventer, province of Overijssel, in the Netherlands and baptized there on 9 Apr 1620.

1 Samuel S. Purple, M.D., ed, Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York, Marriages (New York: New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, 1890), p. 14.

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