Elizabeth Griffiths' Album Quilt

A Poem for Mrs. Elizabeth Griffiths presented with the Album Quilt April 1854

(FN Orangetown Historical Museum and Archive)

To Mrs. Elizabeth Griffiths

I now sit down with pen and ink
To write some words just as I think
Those words for you I do intend
And when they are done I will them send.

It is upon the quilt we gave
And which you in possession have;
The lines I know they will be many
But I will not charge you a penny.

The blocks you know a great many
And I do not mean to pass by any,
Their number I think is sixty two
So please don’t weary before you are through.

In it there are birds and fruit, and flowers
That it would take me many hours,
To describe them all minute
And then perhaps, it might not suit.

First the hearts are joined together
And look as though they na’er would sever,
And then it went from heart to lip
That we must show our warm friendship.

Elizabeth Griffiths quilt block

It will commence with the center piece
Which my friend Martha made,
It is a wreath of beautiful green
And might very well to crown a queen.

Martha Griffiths Smith – Daughter of Elizabeth & Joseph Griffiths
ABD# 9612 DOB: 1813 DOD: 3/12/1892
Martha married John DeWint Smith descended from Hendrick ABD# and Margrietje ABD# 11986

Elizabeth Schoonover quilt block

Next to this are the babes i the wood
I think their uncle was not very good,
The little boy will not forsake her
This was made by Elizabeth Schoonmaker.
(Row 6, Block 3)

Elizabeth Schoonmaker ABD # 19787
Daughter-in-law is descended from Margrietje ABD # 11986

Anna Elsworth quilt block

And then (Miss) Anna Elsworth
Made a hive with a vine growing by
There are two little bees coming forth
And look as though they fly.
(Row 5, Block 6)

Anna Elsworth

It is the name of Mary Gurnee
That made the Eagle of Liberty;
Since then she had changed her name
But may her principals be the same.
(Row 2, Block 8)

Mary Gurnee
DOB: 1835

Then there are two dear little birds
By Mary E. Cooper that have these words
We are so happy together
Sing on and may nothing sever.
(Row 1, Block 8)

Mary Emiline Cooper
ABD# 3318
Descended from Abraham ABD# 11987 and Hendrick ABD# 11977

And with a box and a tree
Mrs. M. Blauvelt is the name you’ll see.
I think it is meant for Jerusalem cherry
For it has to be a very pretty red berry.
(Row 3, Block 4)

Margaret Blauvelt
ABD# 6275
DOB: 1817 DOD: 1888
Descended from Abraham ABD# 11987

Mrs. S DeBaun

Margaret Van Ostrand quilt block

Margaret Van Ostrand
ABD# 115134

Mary Ann Haring

Rebecca DeMarest quilt block

Rebecca Demarest
DOB: 1835 DOD: 1865
ABD# 116440
Descend from Margrietje ABD# 11986

Julia A. Cooper

Christina DeBaun quilt block

Miss Christina DeBaun
DOB: 1836 DOD: Unknown
ABD# 117870
Descended from Hendrick ABD# 11977

Eliza (Elizabeth) Blauvelt quilt block

Mrs. Eliza (Elizabeth) Blauvelt
ABD# 6026
Descended from Huybert ABD# 367

Sarah Haring quilt block

Mrs. Sarah Haring

Maggie Stoutenborough quilt block

Maggie Stoutenborough
Maggie of Patterson

Sara Ann Vanblarcom

Maria Blauvelt

Mrs. Margaret Griffiths
Daughter-in-law to Elizabeth and Joseph
ABD# 116641 DOB: 1/26/1812 DOD: 3/31/1873
Descended from Hendrick ABD# 11977

Nelly Slyfre quilt block

Nelly Slyfre
DOB 1833

Mabina Dezendorf quilt block

Mabina Dezendorf

Miss Mary Van Houten
Granddaughter of Elizabeth and Joseph
DOB 1843 | DOD 1915
ABD# 116253
Descended through father, George Roelof Van Houten, Abraham ABD# 11978

Miss Helen E. Hope
ABD# 15276
Descended through son-in-law, Huybert ABD# 367 and Marritje ABD# 1240

Lucretia Blauvelt
DOB 1835 | DOD 1876
ABD# 118260
Descended from Hendrick ABD# 11977

Mary E. Van Ostrand
DOB 1837 | DOD 1916
ABD# 115540
Descended from Hendrick ABD# 11977 and Huybert ABD# 367

Miss Helen Maria Elsworth

Mary Griffiths Stoutenborough quilt piece

Mary Griffiths Stoutenborough
Daughter of Elizabeth and Joseph
DOB 1813 | DOD 1889

Eliza Cooper
DOB 1821 | DOD unknown
ABD# 9335
Descended Hendrick ABD# 11977

Have to fix picture

Hannah Steel in quilt border

Hannah Steel (in the border)
DOB 1831 | DOD 1894
ABD# 127966
Descended from Johannes  ABD# 11985

Elizabeth Wilson quilt block

Elizabeth Wilson
DOB 6/25/1787 | DOD 1/28/1863
ABD# 4964
Descended from Abraham ABD# 11987

Martha Ackerman quilt block

Martha Ackerman

Sarah Cooper

Mary (Maria) Cole quilt block

Mary (Maria) Cole
ABD# 10584
Descended from Abraham ABD# 11987

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