Constitution and Bylaws

Association of Blauvelt Descendants

Revised in 2015 by The Executive Board

Adopted on Saturday, 19 September 2015

THE ASSOCIATION OF BLAUVELT DESCENDANTS was conceived by Louis L. Blauvelt and brought into being through the efforts of Reginald T. Blauvelt and Chester L. Blauvelt, of South Orange, N.J.; Martin E. Blauvelt, of Yonkers, N.Y.; Miss Susan Coe Blauvelt, of Nyack, N.Y.; Frederick W. Blauvelt, of Indianapolis, Ind.; William H. Blauvelt, of Asheville, N.C. and Louis L. Blauvelt, of Newark, N.J.

A meeting was called in the Reformed Dutch Church at Tappan, N.Y. on the 18th of September, 1926, at which gathering the Association was organized and bylaws adopted.

The first officers were Reginald T. Blauvelt, President; Martin E. Blauvelt, 1st Vice President; Miss Dorothy Blauvelt, 2nd Vice President; Louis L. Blauvelt, Secretary; and Miss Susan Coe Blauvelt, Treasurer.

The bylaws adopted at this first gathering, except for various amendments, continued until 1947 when they were revised. These bylaws continued, with various amendments, until 1987 when their revision seemed imperative. Amended at the Annual Meeting of the Assocation on 20 September 1989.

The bylaws again continued except for various amendments, until 2002 when their revision was necessary. The bylaws were amended at the Annual Meeting of the Association on 14 September 2002 and again at annual meetings in 2006 and 2010.

Association of Blauvelt Descendants


The name of this organization shall be the Association of Blauvelt Descendants, hereinafter known as the Association, a nonprofit organization.


The objectives of this Association shall be:
1. To promote an interest in genealogy, history and ancestry of the early Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam, with
particular emphasis on Gerrit Hendricksen de blau boer, who arrived in this country from Deventer, Province
of Overijssel in The Netherlands in 1638 and settled in New Amsterdam, and his descendants.
2. To make the results of such studies available to the general public by dissemination through public libraries,
college and university libraries, historical and genealogical societies and through exhibitions for the general
3. To encourage and instruct members in genealogical research through careful documentation and maintain
quality genealogical standards.
4. To publish genealogical and historical information in a regular newsletter and any other publications as
directed by the membership.


In 1534 there resided in the City of Enkhuysen, in the Province of Nord Holland, in The Netherlands, a ship owner named Pieter Blauvelt. Reitstap’s Amorial General, Vol. I, page 215, describes his coat-of-arms as: “D’azur, a la fasce d’or, acc. de trois bes. du meme.” This roughly translated is: Blue, a fasse (horizontal bar), gold, between three besants (disks), of the same. Also see plate CCXXVII-B. Then too, we have had correspondence regarding this with reliable authorities in The Netherlands.

All efforts to establish the fact that our Gerrit Hendricksen (Blauvelt) descends from this Pieter of Enkhuysen so far have failed. It would seem obvious that the Blauvelt name originated with this Pieter of Enkhuysen. Also, it seems reasonable to assume that the children of Gerrit, here in America, would not have adopted a name identical with one that existed in The Netherlands one hundred years earlier from whence Gerrit came, if it were not their rightful name.

Since we cannot establish descent from Pieter Blauvelt, we cannot rightfully, according to heraldic practice, use his arms, unmodified, as the insignia of this Association, therefore:

The insignia of the Association shall be a pin or button in the form of a shield, ⅜ of an inch wide by ½ inch long, with a blue field, a horizontal gold bar 1/8 inch wide across the middle; above the bar the letters A and B and below it the letter D, in gold, these letters to be what is known as Egyptian full block but as nearly circular in contour as possible, to simulate the three Byzantine coins.


Section 1. There shall be four classes of members: Regular, Undocumented, Associate, and Junior.

A. Regular Members: Any descendant of Gerrit Hendricksen (Blauvelt) even though his or her present family name is not Blauvelt, including adopted descendants, who is of good character and who Is eighteen (18) years of age, or over may be elected to membership by a majority vote of the Executive Board, either at a meeting of the Board or by correspondence or by the Association at the Annual Meeting subsequent to filing a formal application setting forth the line of descent from a descendant of said Gerrit Hendricksen such an application having first been reviewed and found to be in order by the Genealogist.

B. Undocumented Members: A person who is descended from a presumed descendant of Gerrit Hendricksen (Blauvelt) from the Unidentified list of Louis L. Blauvelt shall be eligible for membership after application has been filed and reviewed and found to be in order by the Genealogist.
1. An Undocumented Member shall have all the rights and privileges in the Association of a Regular Member except that their number shall have a “U” in front of their number.
3. At such time that proof is found that the line is of descent from Gerrit Hendricksen, these Undocumented Members shall become Regular Members.
4. In case proof is found that the line does not go back to Gerrit Hendricksen, these Undocumented Members can continue as members, if they so desire, except that they may not hold the office of President or Vice Presidents, and their duties shall become that of Associate Members. No further lines of children shall be accepted as any type of member in the Association.

C. Associate Members: Husbands or wives, widows or widowers, step-children of descendants of Gerrit Hendricksen may attain membership in the same manner as regular descendants.
1. An Associate Member shall have all the rights and privileges in the Association of a Regular Member except that an Associate Member shall not hold the office of President or Vice Presidents.

D. Junior Members: Every descendant of a member or person entitled to membership in the Association shall, at birth, by virtue of such descent, be entitled to Junior Membership after filing an application setting forth the line of descent or presumed descent of Gerrit Hendricksen, such application having been signed by the parent or legal guardian of said child and reviewed by the Genealogist.
1. Upon reaching eighteen (18) years of age, a Junior Member may transfer to Regular Membership with the natural increase in annual dues. A Junior Member from the Undocumented lines may transfer to Regular Membership if the line has been proven to be correct. If the line is still not proven nor disproven, a Junior Member may transfer to Undocumented Membership. Junior Members whose line has been proven to be incorrect may continue as members, if they so desire, but as in B. (3) above, no further lines of these members will be accepted as any type of member in the Association.

Section 2. Initiation Fee and Assessments:

A. No initiation fee is required of applicants at the time of the adoption of these bylaws, but should it appear to be expedient to make such a charge in the future, the Executive Board may recommend such a charge and the amount thereof, subject to the approval of the Association as a whole at a regular Annual Meeting, without amendment to these bylaws.
B. No assessments can be levied against the members at any time nor for any purpose whatsoever, however, voluntary contributions may be solicited for an emergency or for a benevolent purpose at any time that solicitation seems appropriate, proper or necessary to a majority of the Executive Board or to the majority of the members present at the Annual Meeting.

Section 3. Dues:

Annual dues shall be payable at the beginning of the fiscal year (1 July) but not later than the Annual Meeting each year. Should an applicant be elected to membership at the Spring Board Meeting, dues received shall be good through the following year. Dues may be increased only by Amendment to these bylaws.

Section 4. Classes of Membership and Dues:

A. Regular Membership $20.00 Annually
B. Undocumented Membership $20.00 Annually
C. Associate Membership $15.00 Annually
D. Junior Membership $10.00 Annually
E. Family Membership $45.00 Annually
(For all Members living in one household and supercedes the individual memberships.)

Section 5. Suspension:

Any member of the Association who, after due notification, has not paid annual dues by the end of the fiscal year shall be suspended from membership, including receiving the Blauvelt News and Mail Chimp issues. A suspended Member may become current upon payment of the current year’s due, if a Member is not 3 or more years delinquent in dues. Members of 3 or more years’ delinquent in dues may become current by payment of a reinstatement fee of $35 plus the current year’s dues.

Section 6. Expulsion:

Any member of this Association, who has given just cause or reason may be expelled by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the full Executive Board.

Section 7. Resignation:

Any member desiring to resign from the Association shall submit his resignation in writing to the Membership Secretary, who shall present it to the Executive Board for action. No member’s resignation shall be accepted until his dues are paid.

Section 8. Honorary Life Membership:

This may be conferred upon any person not otherwise eligible for membership who has given exceptional service. The recommendation shall be signed by one member and approved by the Executive Board before being presented at the Annual Meeting for a vote. A three-fourths vote shall elect. An Honorary Member shall be entitled to all the privileges in the Association except those of making motions, of voting, and of holding office.

Section 9. The membership year of the Association shall run from 1 July through 30 June.


Section 1. Time:
A. The Annual Meeting of this Association shall be held on the first Saturday after the fifteenth (15th) of September of each year. If the fifteenth falls on a Saturday that shall be the date of the meeting.
B. Should there occur in any one year good and sufficient reasons, in the judgment of the Executive Board, to make a change in the date for the Annual Meeting the date shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board and provided the notice required by Section 3 of this Article is mailed to all members.

Section 2. Place of Annual Meeting:
The place for the Annual Meeting shall be chosen at the preceding Annual Meeting of the Association but should it seem expedient such choice may be referred to the Executive Board. In case no action is taken at the Annual Meeting, a place for the Annual Meeting must be designated by the Executive Board in due time for every member of the Association to receive due notice. Such portions of the Annual Meeting as may lend themselves to electronic attendance shall be made available to any member wishing to attend electronically.”

Section 3. Notice of Annual Meeting:
Notice of the date and place of the Annual Meeting must be mailed or electronically delivered to each member of the Association at least four weeks prior to the date of such meeting.

Section 4. Quorum for Annual Meeting:
Fifteen (15) members present at the Annual Meeting of the Association shall constitute a quorum for the opening of a session and the transaction of routine business.


Section 1. The Officers of this Association shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Genealogist, Assistant Genealogist, Membership Secretary, Chaplain, and Communications Director.

Section 2. Term of Office:
A. At the Annual Meeting of the Association a majority vote of those members present and voting shall elect officers. Officers shall serve for two years. Any Officer may be elected to succeed himself if it is so desired. All Officers shall take office at the close of the Annual Meeting.
B. Any regularly elected officer can be deposed from office for misconduct or neglect of duty in office by a majority vote of the Executive Board, if Board Members have been notified in writing of the situation at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Otherwise a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Board is required at a regular Board meeting.


Section 1. Personnel:
A. The Executive Board shall be comprised of the duly elected officers of the Association, the two immediate past Presidents of the Association, and not more than seven nor less than three additional Executive Board Members all of whom shall be elected at the Annual Meeting in the same manner as officers for two year terms of office. The Executive Board shall not include more than one-third Associate Members.
B. No person shall be elected or appointed or shall continue to serve as an Officer or Board Member unless that person is a member in good standing and has been an active member of the Association for one year.
C. The President and the Secretary of the Association shall act as Chairman and Secretary of the Executive Board.

Section 2. Vacancies:
Any vacancy occurring on the Executive Board, with the exception of those provided for in these bylaws, may be filled until the next Annual Meeting, by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive Board.

Section 3. Proxies:
Any member of the Executive Board who finds it impossible to attend a called meeting of the Board may, if he or she so desires, appoint a member of the Association to act as a proxy in his or her stead at such meeting, but he or she must advise the President of such a selection in writing. Should the absent member fail to make such selection of proxy, the President may do so, such designation by the President to be subject to the approval of those members of the Board present at said meeting, provided however, that such proxies whether designated by the absent Board Member or appointed by the President, must be adult members of the Association.

Section 4. Board Meetings:
A. The Executive Board shall hold meetings at such time and place designated by the President subject to the convenience of the majority of the Board. Any Executive Board Member that misses four meetings during their two term year without a good reason, shall be removed from the Executive Board, and shall not be elected to this position the following year.
B. Other meetings of the Executive Board may be called at any time by the President whenever and wherever in his judgment it seems necessary or desirable. Only the President or the Acting President may call such a meeting provided, however, that should any five members of the Executive Board demand, in writing, that a meeting of the Board be called, the President, or acting President, must call such a meeting at the earliest possible date and at a place suitable and convenient to a majority of the members of the Board.
C. The Executive Board at a duly called meeting shall be empowered to take action concerning Association business not covered by this Constitution and Bylaws if such action is necessary for the good of the Association.

Section 5. Quorum:
Eight members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Executive Board for the transaction of routine business.

Section 6. The Executive Board Shall:
A. Transact the business of the Association between Annual Meetings.
B. Direct committees.
C. Authorize disbursements.


Section 1. President Shall:
A. Preside at the Annual Meeting and all meetings of the Executive Board.
B. Appoint all chairmen of standing committees and the Blauvelt News Editor, with approval of the Executive Board.
C. Sign, with the Secretary, all contracts and documents authorized by the Association.
D. Countersign all checks over $2,000.00 issued by the Treasurer for authorized disbursements on behalf of the Association.
E. Be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee and Benevolent Committee.
F. Present a yearly report at the Annual Meeting.

Section 2. Vice Presidents Shall:
A. The First and Second Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of his/her official duties and in the case of the absence of the President, preside over the Annual Meeting or over the meetings of the Executive Board according to seniority.
B. If the President should die, resign, or for any reason is unavailable, the First Vice President shall automatically assume the duties of the President; should vacancies occur in the offices of both the President and First Vice President, the Second Vice President shall assume the duties of the President.

Section 3. Secretary Shall:
A. Keep a true record of the proceedings of the Annual Meeting and all meetings of the Executive Board.
B. All properties of the Association, other than those naturally connected with the office of Genealogist, shall be the responsibility of the Secretary and if not actually in physical custody of the Secretary, shall be stored in a manner and location duly approved by the Executive Board.
C. Attend to all official correspondence of the Association except those relating to membership.
D. Send all meeting notices.
E. Maintain a complete and accurate file of names and addresses of all members of the Association.
F. Keep and have available for reference at all meetings, one book in which the Association’s Charter, Bylaws, and Standing Rules are kept current.
G. Sign, with the President, all contracts and documents authorized by the Association.
H. Present a yearly report at the Annual Meeting.

Section 4. Treasurer Shall:
A. Keep all funds of the Association, depositing same with reliable financial institutions approved by the Executive Board.
B. Collect all dues. Dues notices shall be mailed by the 15th of July. Pay all bills by check upon receipt of a properly signed voucher. All expenses covered by the approved budget up to and including $2,000.00 need only be signed by the Treasurer or if he/she is unavailable, by an authorized signee. Requests for payment over $2,000.00 must be countersigned by an authorized person. Any item not covered by the fiscal budget must be approved by the Executive Board and check signed by the Treasurer and President/authorized
C. Make all financial records available for audit four weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.
D. Be Director of Finance and Budget Committee in charge of:
1. Notify members of delinquent dues, and report such delinquencies to the Delinquent Committee.
2. Maintain a current membership list of all members in good standing. A copy of changes shall be provided for the Membership Secretary.
3. Present a written statement of finance at each Executive Board meeting.
4. Render a detailed report of the transactions of the office covering the entire year at the Annual Meeting.
5. Be ready at all times to make a complete financial statement or submit to an audit of the Association’s accounts if called upon to do so.
E. If a vacancy occurs in the office of Treasurer, the President shall immediately appoint a successor to that office to take over and carry on the affairs of the office until the Annual Meeting. The bank(s) of deposit shall be advised of such appointment and steps taken as may be necessary to readjust the financial affairs of the Association as quickly as possible.
F. Upon leaving office, the Treasurer shall transfer and turn over all records, funds and documents to the Executive Board to be given to the incoming Treasurer.

Section 5. Genealogist Shall:
A. Keep an index file of the Blauvelt lineage of all members of the Association and to gather all possible information of a genealogical nature concerning the descendants of Gerrit Hendricksen (Blauvelt) and his forebears, carefully filing same, working toward publication of corrections and additions to the Blauvelt Family Genealogy book published in 1957. The Genealogist shall be charged with the custody of such genealogical records and with the Genealogical Library of the Association.
B. Members of the Association shall have free access to the Genealogical files and records of the Association at all times subject only to the convenience of the Genealogist. Blauvelt descendants who are not members of the Association shall be given benefit of these records according to the discretion of the Genealogist.
C. The Genealogist is hereby authorized to make such a charge for genealogical service to non-members as seems appropriate and renumeration for such service shall be his/her compensation for the work involved and a partial return for services rendered to the Association.
D. The Genealogist shall check the genealogical data on all applications for membership and after review shall present them to the Association as a whole for election to membership.
E. Present a yearly report at the Annual Meeting.
F. If the office of Genealogist becomes vacant for any reason, the Assistant Genealogist shall assume the duties of that office.

Section 6. Assistant Genealogist Shall:
A. Assist the Genealogist in the discharge of his/her official duties in all possible ways.
B. Perform such other genealogical duties as may be specifically referred to that office.
C. In case of a vacancy in the office of the Genealogist, the Assistant Genealogist shall succeed to that office, taking full charge of the duties and responsibilities until the next Annual Meeting.
D. If the offices of Genealogist and Assistant Genealogist be unfilled for any reason, someone knowledgeable and experienced in genealogy shall be appointed to assume the duties of Genealogist until the Annual Meeting.

Section 7. Membership Secretary Shall:
A. Attend to official correspondence of the Association relating to membership.
B. Maintain a complete and accurate file of names and addresses of all members of the Association. Present to the Executive Board, or to the Association as a whole, names of persons to be elected to membership. Present to the Executive Board the names of members to be deleted from the membership roll for good and sufficient reason.
C. Mail applications to prospective members and respond to all inquiries regarding membership in the Association.
D. When a new member has been duly elected to the Association, the Membership Secretary shall send a letter of welcome, enclosing these bylaws.
E. Mail listings of new members, changes of address, suspensions, etc. to the Secretary, Treasurer, Genealogist, Junior’s Secretary and Editor of The Blauvelt News.
F. Present a yearly report at the Annual Meeting.

Section 8. Junior’s Secretary Shall:
A. Maintain records of Junior Members and correspond with individual Junior Members as occasion may require.
B. Present a yearly report at the Annual Meeting.

Section 9. Chaplain Shall:
A. Attend the Annual Meeting to offer an invocation at the opening thereof and to conduct a brief memorial service during the meeting in memory of members who have become deceased during the year.
B. Install the newly elected Officers and Executive Board Members in due ritualistic form and shall close the meeting with a brief prayer or benediction.
C. Be the official representative of the Association in case of death of a member.

Section 10. Communications Director Shall:
A. Coordinate all communication vehicles used by the ABD Board to the membership through written and electronic methods.
B. Be responsible to work with the Blauvelt News Editor, if different from the Communications Director, The Blauvelt News shall continue to be the primary instrument of the ABD to implement the Association objectives and family news.
C. Maintain the ABD official website including design, updates, content, link including TNG genealogy sites and all material for this electronic site.
D. Establish criteria for use on Facebook, Mail Chimp, and/or other communication vehicles used by the ABD.
E. Create where needed committee and volunteer positions including chair positions, if needed, to aid and assist with these responsibilities.


Section 1. Standing Committees:
The Standing Committees of the Association shall be Annual Meeting, Auditing, Benevolent, Delinquent, and Nominating Committees.

Section 2. Duties:
A. Annual Meeting Committee Shall:
1. At the Annual Meeting each year, or as soon thereafter as may be convenient, the newly elected President shall appoint a Chairman of Program and a Chairman of Arrangements whose duties shall be to work together in preparation for the Annual Meeting of the following year.
2. Chairmen so appointed may have full power to select such assistants on their committees as they see fit, although the President, if he so desires, may appoint additional members to these committees.
3. The Program Chairman shall have full charge of all details of both the morning and afternoon programs of the Annual Meeting except for the order of business of the morning session. He or she shall arrange for music, secure speakers, determine the nature of and provide the entertainment program for the afternoon session and perform all other duties naturally devolving upon a Program Chairman.
4. The Chairman of Arrangements shall attend to- all details in preparation for the Annual Meeting, contacting the proper authorities of, the place where the meeting is to be held, arrange for a suitable luncheon, attend to the proper reservations for same if necessary. The Chairman of Arrangements shall do everything in his or her power to contribute to the smooth running success of the meeting as shall not conflict with the duties of the Program Chairman.
5. Both of these Chairmen should attend the Executive Board meeting preceding the Annual Meeting to make recommendations, receive instructions and enter into all discussions relative to the Annual Meeting. The Secretary shall advise both Chairmen of the time and place of this Executive Board meeting.

B. Auditing Committee Shall:
1. A committee of three members shall be appointed by the President at the Annual Meeting, or as soon thereafter as possible, whose duty it shall be to audit the Treasurer’s books immediately prior to the next Annual Meeting and present their report thereat, or they may be called upon to make an audit at any other time that the President may deem advisable or five members may demand in writing.
2. At least one member of the Committee must have had previous experience in banking or accounting.
3. An audit signed by two members of this Committee shall constitute an official Committee report.

C. Benevolent Fund Committee Shall:
1. Be a committee of three members consisting of the Second Vice President of the Association as Chairman, the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer, who shall be empowered to receive donations for benevolent purposes and disburse them at their discretion where need is found, without undue publicity or detailed report other than to the President of the Association.
2. Such funds collected shall be earmarked in a special account by the Treasurer who shall keep a separate record of same.

D. Delinquent Committee Shall:
1. Consist of the President of the Association, the Treasurer and the Membership Secretary with authority to review all cases of delinquency in payment of dues and, after due consideration, report their findings, with their recommendations to the Executive Board for final action.

E. Nominating Committee Shall:
1. Consist of six adult members whose duty it shall be to prepare a slate of Officers and Members of the Executive Board to be submitted as nominees for said Offices and Board for election at the Annual Meeting.
2. Two members of this Committee shall be elected each year at the Annual Meeting to serve for three years. No member of this Committee shalI succeed himself to this Committee. Recommendations may be made by the Nominating Committee but in no way be binding, and nominations from the floor may be made by any member.
3. The Chairman of the Committee shall be one or the other of the two one-year members as designated by the President.
4. Should a vacancy occur on the Nominating Committee, a member shall be elected at the Annual Meeting to fill out the unexpired term.
5. Candidates for all Offices must have been active members in the Association for at least one year.
6. Report the list of candidates to the Executive Board before the Annual Meeting and report to the general membership at the Annual Meeting accompanied by written consent of each nominee. Additional nominations from the floor shall be permitted.

Section 3. Special Committees:
A. Such other committees, standing or special, shall be appointed by the President as the Association or the Executive Board shall, from time to time, deem necessary to carry on the work of the Association.
B. Translator:
1. The President shall have the authority to appoint a translator who need not be a member of the Association or a Blauvelt descendant but must be possessed of sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language, especially Colonial Dutch, to translate letters and old documents written in that language that may come to hand from time to time.
2. The Translator may receive compensation for services rendered as the Executive Board may direct, based on recommendations of the Secretary or the Genealogist.


Section 1. The Blauvelt News:
There shall be a publication issued by the Association entitled The Blauvelt News which shall be the instrument of the Association to implement the Association’s objectives.

Section 2. The Staff:
The Editor and the Editorial Staff shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Executive Board, as has been the practice since 1956.
A. Editor Shall:
1. Be responsible for publishing the Blauvelt News, on a regular basis.
2. Be responsible for collecting and receiving materials to be considered for publication in The Blauvelt News, all of which become the property of the Association.
3. Publish in The Blauvelt News any items specifically requested by the Executive Board.
4. Present an Annual Summary Report to be placed on file.

Section 3. Cost:
The cost of The Blauvelt News shall be paid for out of membership dues.
B. Persons not eligible for membership may subscribe to The Blauvelt News for a fee to be determined by the Editorial Staff.


Section 1. Elections:
A. Elections shall be held at the Annual Meetings.
B. Nominations:
1. The Nominating Committee shall present a list of at least one nominee for each office to the Executive Board at the last Board Meeting before the Annual Meeting and to the general membership at the Annual Meeting. The report shall be accompanied by the written consent of each nominee to serve if elected.
2. Nominations may be made by the general membership from the floor at the Annual Meeting, provided each nominee is present or has given written consent to serve if elected.
C. Voting:
1. Eligibility. All adult members in good standing (those members whose dues are currently paid in full) may vote in Association elections.
2. Voting shall be by voice, provided there is only one candidate for office. If more than one candidate is running for any one office the voting shall be by written ballot. Majority vote elects.


Upon dissolution of the Association, after payment of all debts, the remaining assets and other properties, if any, shall be transferred to such other organization, working in the same or similar fields, as shall be designated by the Executive Board at the time of such dissolution. In no event shall any portion of the assets and other properties of the Association be distributed to any member of the Association.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the Association in all cases in which they are applicable, and which are not inconsistent with these Bylaws and Standing Rules.


Section 1.
A. These bylaws may be amended only at the Annual Meeting by a two-thirds vote of those voting, using the following procedures:
B. Proposals must be submitted to the Executive Board in writing over the signatures of at least five adult members of the Association at least four months prior to the Annual Meeting.
C. If it seems advisable, a special committee may be appointed to determine the constitutionality of proposed amendments.
D. All such proposed amendments, together with the recommendations of the Executive Board shall be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting and printed in The Blauvelt News prior to the Annual Meeting.
E. Thirty-five (35) members must be present at the Annual Meeting.


Section 1.
The Association shall have the following Committees: Archivist/Historian, Budget, Parliamentarian, Publications, Publicity, Telephone, Volunteer, Genealogy, Retention and New Member Help-line.
A. Archivist/Historian Shall:
1. Collect and preserve all items of historical interest to the Association.
2. Keep the permanent issues of The Blauvelt News and maintain an index of the same, from which information shall be given to the membership and the public upon request.
3. Present an Annual Summary Report to be placed on file.

B. Budget and Finance Committee Shall:
1. Be directed by the Treasurer.
2. Each year prepare a budget based upon all officers’ and chairpersons’ proposed expenditures for the year keeping in mind the estimate of all regular income (as provided by the Treasurer).
3. Submit proposed budget for approval by a majority of the Executive Board.
4. Give copy of the approved budget to the Treasurer, President, Secretary, and Board Members. A copy shall be made available for any member who asks for it.
5. Budget expense records shall be provided for officers and chairpersons that have budget items so that they can keep their own running record.

C. Parliamentarian Shall:
1. Give advice to the Presiding Officer, and when requested, to any member.

D. Publications Chairman Shall:
1. Be responsible for all incoming and outgoing publications of the Association, with the exception of The Blauvelt News.
2. Serve as Chairman of Publications.
(a) Publish books, articles, brochures, etc., with the exception of The Blauvelt News.
(b) Exchange books, information, etc. with other societies as requested.

E. Publicity Chairman Shall:
1. Be responsible for all publicity on behalf of the Association, and work with Officers and Committee Chairmen as requested.
2. Present an Annual Summary Report to be placed on file.

F. Telephone Committee Shall:
1. Be responsible for contacting members of the Association.
(a) Informally fill out a “Background Information” sheet while talking to the member.
(b) Ask what talents he or she is willing to donate for volunteer work for the Association.
(c) Ask members to keep the Annual Meeting date open and plan to attend.
2. Give information received to the Volunteer Coordinator and any genealogical information received (update on births, deaths, etc.) to the Genealogist.

G. Volunteer Coordinator Shall:
1. Maintain card file of Association members showing areas of interest for volunteer work.
2. Serve as Association contact to Executive Board Members for names of volunteers.
3. Administer volunteer recognition program.

H. Genealogy Committee Shall:
1. Be directed by the Genealogist.
2. Members shall be appointed to serve at the pleasure of the Genealogist.
3. Do research pertaining to the Association.
(a) Help establish lineal descent from Gerrit

I. Retention Committee shall:
1. Be directed by the Membership Secretary
2. Information to be given from the Membership Secretary and Treasurer records.
3. Responsibility to make personal contact with those members who are about to be suspended, are late in payment of dues or have not paid dues for two years. Purpose, to find out why… convince them to remain as members.

J. New Member Help Line Committee shall:
1. Be directed by the Membership Secretary
2. Information to be given from the Membership Secretary and Genealogist.
3. Purpose is to help prospective members in completing applications, researching lineage and being a personal contact during the membership process and for the first year of membership.

Section 2. Records and Files:
A. Whenever a new position or office shall be created or appointed, all materials gathered for this office shall become the property of the Association.
B. Every officer shall deliver to their successor all books and papers belonging to the office at the Annual Meeting or within two weeks thereafter and shall receive receipt for same.
C. All records from outgoing Committee Chairmen shall be turned over to the new chairperson. All major correspondence shall be turned over to the Secretary to be placed in the Association’s files.

Section 3. Donations:
When a member of the Executive Board of the Association becomes deceased, a donation should be made in their memory.

ABD Scholarship & Grants Program, Ltd.

Established and Announced at the 77th Annual Reunion Meeting
September 20, 2003


Mission Statement adopted at the 73rd Annual Meeting September 18, 1999

To develop, evaluate and select charitable venues that the ABD can utilize to grant monies in the areas of Scholarship, Genealogical Research and Community Activity.

Awards will be given from monies earned through contributions and bequests of members and non- members to this fund and will be made on behalf of the ABD and itmembership. These awards will be an expression to enhance the values and ideals of this family association for its members and those persons of Dutch heritage, and institutions developing genealogical research.

All selections will be determined and approved by the Board of Directors of the Association of Blauvelt Descendants.

Officers of the Association

Brian M. Blauvelt

Pamela Ward

Marilyn N. Bisgrove

The Blauvelt News

The Blauvelt News is published in February, June and October at a cost of $20 per year (included in Membership). Contact our Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer to subscribe. To submit family news contact Editor Susan Heilmann.

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