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Blauvelt Family

The official page of the Association of Blauvelt Descendants
Founded 1926

The following links are to sites which are unaffiliated with the Association of Blauvelt Descendants.

Blauvelt Places:

  • The Kalmar Nyckel, Wilmington, DE
  • As quoted in The Blauvelt Family Genealogy compiled by Louis L. Blauvelt and published by The Association of Blauvelt Descendants, First Generation (1) Gerrit Hendricksen de blau boer: Early in November of 1637 two little ships sailed from Gothenburg in Sweden, the "Fogel Grip" and the "Kalmar Nyckel." They were bound for the "New World" where a Swedish colony was to be established under the direction of Pieter Minuet, former governor of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. A terrific storm swept the North Atlantic that winter. It nearly wrecked the two small crafts, and they were forced to put in at Texel, in the Netherlands, for refitting and repairs. Kiliaen van Rensselaer had acquired, by grant from the West India Company, a vast tract of land, approximately 1,400,000 acres, on the banks of the Hudson River, in the New Netherlands, in Albany. This he was endeavoring to colonize, and he now had six colonists, and some much needed stores which he wished to send over. He had long known Pieter Minuet, and on the strength of his friendship he induced Pieter to take these people and supplies on board to be delivered at New Amsterdam, and from there to be transported by such means as offered up the Hudson to Rensselaerwyck. Finally, on December 31st, the "Kalmar Nyckel" set sail on her long and weary journey across the Atlantic, bearing Van Rensselaer's six passengers. One of these was a Dutch boy known only as Gerrit Hendricksen, (Gerrit, son of Hendrick.) Van Rensselaer said this boy was a shoe maker by trade. For various reasons "we believe" this 15 year old boy is our Gerrit who came on board the Kalmar Nyckel, landing at "The Rocks" at Swede's Landing, Delaware in March 1638.
  • 1778 U.S. Revolutionary War episode on the Cornelius D. Blauvelt farm in River Vale, NJ
  • Historic Blauvelt Homes and Places
  • J.J. Blauvelt Octagon House, Montvale NJ
  • 1660 Map of New Amsterdam The house of Lambert Huybertsen Moll, Gerrit's father-in-law, is at location Q18. Gerrit's house is beyond the Wall and not shown on the map. The buildings at D2 and D26 are owned by Gerrit Hendricksen from Harderwyck, not our ancestor. Note: the map itself is a large file.
  • Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum
  • Bed and Breakfasts in Rockland County (including Blauvelt, NY)
  • This site includes a short history of the early Dutch settlement of the area. It also has a list of historic attractions in the county, many of which are significant to the Blauvelts, such as DeWint House. In addition, there are links to similar pages for other neighboring counties, which also had roles in Blauvelt history.
Blauvelt People: Blauvelt Genealogy:
  • Ancestry.com has lots of Blauvelt links. Simply go there and enter "Blauvelt" in the Last name search field. Lots and Lots of links including Blauvelt family trees, message boards, etc. Some of the site is not yet populated, and other parts of it are restricted to paid subscribers. They solicit GEDCOM formatted family trees, which they add to their freely searchable database.
  • Rootsweb.com is another ancestry site with a few Blauvelt related entries. 
  • GenForum has a forum dedicated to the family name Blauvelt. 

Dutch History:

Holland Society of New York collects information respecting the settlement and history of New Netherland. Its main objective is to find and preserve documentation about the lives and times of the Dutch colony's inhabitants.

The Association is proud to support the New Netherland Project of the New York State Library.

Do you know other sites with information related to Blauvelt history, places, or people? Please contact the webmaster with suggestions for additional links.